IT OS chapter 13

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  1. An II Authentication method that utilizes .NET Password user names and passwords.
    .NET Passport Authentication
  2. The name of a virtual directory, or the name used to hide the real name of a directory an to simplify the directory name that would be used to access the information.
  3. Allows users to access a Web Site without having to provide a user name and password.
    Anonymous access
  4. Refers to determining weather a user has a valid user account with the proper permissions to access a resource such as a shared folder or Web site.
  5. Allows you to limit the network bandwidth that is available for Web and FTP connections to the server.
    Bandwidth throttling
  6. Prompts users for a user name and password to be able to access the Web resource. The user name and password are then transmitted using Base64 encoding.
    Basic Authentication
  7. An FTP server that responds to TCP/IP port 21 on all configured IP address of the server that are not assigned to another site.
    Default FTP Site
  8. A configured website that responds to TCP/IP port 80 on all unassigned IP addresses of the server. This Website is initially empty and may be used to create a custom Web site for your organization.
    Default Web Site
  9. Prompts users for a user name and password to be able to access the Web resource. The user name and password are hashed to prevent hackers from obtaining them.
    Digest Authentication
  10. Used to transfer files between two computers that are both running TCP/IP.
    File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  11. The full qualified DNS name that is used to access a Web site on an IIS server.
    Host Header
  12. Does not ask the users for a password but rather uses the client's currently logged-on credentials to supply a challenge/response to the Web server.
    Integrated Windows Authentication
  13. A windows Server 2003  component that provides web-related services to an organization.
    Internet Information Services (IIS)
  14. IIS parameters that are configured on the server and are inheritable by all Web and FTP sites hosted on the server.
    Master PRoperties
  15. IIS 6.0 stores its configuration settings in a database referred to as the IIS metabase.
  16. This protocol is used to encrypt Web Traffic between a client and the Web server.
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  17. A connection-based protocol, which means a session is established between the two hosts before any data is transferred.
    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
  18. A mapping to a physical directory containing content to be included on a web site.
    Virtual Directory
  19. A unique web or ftp site that bhaves as if it were on it's own dedicated server.
    Virtual Servers
  20. A folder designed to be accessed from the Internet or an intranet using the HTTP or FTP protocols.
    Web Folder
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