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  1. a figure of speech that uses words like, as, than, or, resembles to compare things that seem to have little in common
  2. the attitude of the writer or speaker toward the audience
  3. comparison of two unlike things
  4. the repetition of the accented vowel sounds and other sounds in a word. Could be end, internal, exact, ect.
  5. repetition of constant sounds in words that are close together. Usually beginning or accented syllables
  6. An animal, character, or object that represents important meaning in a story line
  7. a descriptive shading a poet gives a sensory experience anything you can touch, see, listen, feel, taste, ect
  8. when human qualities are attributed to an nonhuman being
  9. use of words that sound like what they mean
  10. group of lines in a poem
  11. what is the iliad
    epic which preceded The Odyssey
  12. who are Scylla and Charbdis
    certain death; they are the two obstacles Odysseus and his men must face
  13. Who is King Alcinous
    provides hospitality and is the audience of Odysseus' tale
  14. who is helios
    don't mess with his beef
  15. Who is Athena
    the hero's champion(and stylist)
  16. who is hermes
    protects Odysseus with moly, a plant similar to garlic
  17. who is poseidon
    an enemy of the hero
  18. Who is calypso
    spends many seasons feasting and enjoying other pleasures with the hero
  19. Who is Circe
    enchantress and goddess who turns his men into swine
  20. Who is Eurylochus?
    member of Odysseus loyal crew
  21. Who joins Odusseus in the fight against the suitors?
    Telemachus(son), swineherd, cowherd
  22. what does Odysseus returning as a beggar suggest?
    dramatic irony
  23. how long has odysseus been away
    20 years
  24. calypso let him leave for real because
    zeus told her to
  25. ethos
    ethics based on the morals or yourself and society; what are right and wrong
  26. pathos
    emotional appeal
  27. logos
    logical appeal; facts, numbers, and information
  28. kairos
    appeal to timeliness; an issue is very inportant
  29. At least half the population agrees with the male point of view
    misleading statistics
  30. don't be left out; join the crowd!
  31. teachers are like slaves
    false analogy
  32. mrs.davis who is jewish must be cheap
    hasty generalization
  33. you better call me every day or you don't really love me
    either/ or effect
  34. its important to be CATS bc being CATS is vital
    circular reasoning
  35. since I crashed my car after eating pancakes, pancakes cause bad driving
    false cause/effect
  36. all ppl should carpool bc it saves fossil fuels, has no negatives, ect.
    card stacking
  37. don not vote for George jublin bc he's an idiot
    smear technique
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