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  1. what anemia has high rdw
    low mcv
    high mchc
    • iron def
    • thallasemia
    • hereditary spherocytosis
  2. best initial test for mm
    • skeletal xray
    • uep
    • spep
    • serum calcium
    • bun and crea
  3. best initial test for acute leukemia
    peripher smear showing blasts
  4. what physical exams on ccs for anemia
    • heent
    • cvs
    • extremeties
    • ga
  5. best initial test for anemia case
    • cbc with smear
    • additional retics, direct and total bili, hapto, tsh and t4, ldh
    • urianalysis and microscopic analysis
  6. most accurate test for sideroblastic anemia
    iron def
    • prussian blue stain
    • bone marrow biopsy but not down
    • electrophoresis or dna sequencing
  7. hbH has what chains?
    hb bart has what chains
    • hbH--4 beta chains
    • hb bart has 4 gamma chains
  8. the only microcytic anemia with high retics?
  9. what kind of anemia has kidney failure give
  10. what diabetic drug blocks vit b12 absorption
  11. besides anemia and neuropathy, b12 def causes also waht
    • glossitis
    • diarrhea
  12. what tests are orderd for suspected vit b12 causing anemia
    • cbc with smear
    • bili
    • ld
    • hapto
  13. most accurate test for b12 def
    vit b12 level if normal methylmalonyl coa
  14. next best test to confirm vitb12 def
    anti-parietal or anti-intrinsic factor antibody levels
  15. pt has fever after u give oxygen, fluids, pain meds in a sickle cell, next step
    general pe
  16. ccs case for sickle cell with fever and pain
    • hydration
    • oxygen
    • pain meds
    • abx
    • blood culture, ua, chest xray
    • retics
    • cbc
  17. exchange transfusion for sickle cell pt
    • eye
    • priapism
    • lung infa
    • brain
  18. sudden drop in hct in sickle cell pt
    • parvo b19
    • folate
  19. most accurate test for parvo
    • pcr
    • ivig and transfusion
  20. sickle cell pts are discharged with what
    • folate
    • pneumococcal vaccine
    • hydroxyurea
  21. rx for autoimmune hemolysis
    • prednisone
    • if not responsive
    • ivig
  22. what causes cold hemolytic anemia
    mycoplasma and epstein barr

  23. rx for cold agllutinins hemolysis
  24. best initial test for g6pd
    most accurate
    heinz bodies

    g6pd after 2 months from acute attack
  25. most accurate test for hereditary spherocytosis
    osmotic fragility test
  26. rx for hereditary sphero
  27. rx for hus or ttp
    • supportive
    • if severe, plasmapharesis
  28. most serious complication of pnh?
  29. most accurate test for pnh
    cd55 and cd59
  30. best initial rx for pnh
    rx for transfusion dependent

  31. most prognostic factor for acute leukemia
    cytogenetic abnormalities
  32. what two blood disorders can progress to acute leukemia
    • cml
    • pnh
  33. rx for aml
    • rubicin 
    • cytosine arabinoside
  34. what leukemia gets intrathecal methotrexate
  35. rx for leukostasis
    • plasmapharesis
    • hydroxyurea
  36. what decreases transfusions with myelodysplasia
  37. specific therapy for myelodysplasia
  38. what blood disorder can progress to acute leukemia
    • cml
    • myelodysplasia
  39. best initial test for cml
    most accurate
    • lap
    • philly chromosome
  40. rx for advanced cll
    fludrabine and rituximab
  41. what extends survival in cll
  42. alemtuzumab is an anti-cd52 used for
  43. test and rx for hairy cell leukemia
    • trap
    • cladiribine
  44. best initial rx for myelofibrosis
    lenalidomide if bmt is not avail
  45. ccs orders fo pver
    • epo
    • jak
    • hemonc consult
    • nuclear red cell mass
    • b12
    • lap
  46. rx for pvera
    • phlebotomy
    • aspirin 
    • anegrelide for platelets
    • hydroxyurea
  47. rx for et
    • aspirin
    • anegrelide
  48. rx for mm
    • melphalan
    • steroids
    • thalodilomide
    • lanolidomide
  49. when do you do bmt for mm
    <70 yo
  50. best initial test for waldenstron
    • serum viscosity
    • spepe
    • plasmapharesis
  51. rx for aplastic anmia
    • <50 bmt
    • >50 anti-thymocyte globulin
    • cyclosporine
  52. best initial tests for lymphomas
    excisional l. node biopsy
  53. how is stagin done for lymphoma
    • ct of chest, abd, pelvis
    • bm biopsy
  54. rx for hd

  55. most accurate test for von willebrands dz
    ristocetin cofactor essay and von willebrands factor levels
  56. testing for itp
    • antibodies to g2p/3a receptor
    • normal spleen
    • high megakaryocytes in bm
    • antiplatelet antibodies
  57. rx for mild itp
    severe itp
    • mild- steroids
    • severe- ivig
  58. romiplostin 
    eltromobag are used to treat what
    when do you give them
    • itp
    • refractory cases to splenectomy
  59. rx for uremia induced platelet dysfunction
  60. mixing study tells you what
    clotting factor def and clotting factor antibody present
  61. rx for clotting factor def of 8,9,10
    • 9 replacemtn
    • 8 replacement
    • 10-ffp
  62. dx of clotting factor deficiencies
    mixing study and then specific factor level
  63. rx for all of the hypercoagulable states
    heparin and then warfarin
  64. dx of lupus anticoagulant
    factor 5 mutation
    anti thrombin 
    protein c
    • mixing study
    • and the rest you do levels
  65. most accurate test for lupus anticoagulatn
    russel venom viper test
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