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  1. ´╗┐AGE
    Anti-government Elements
  2. AIR
    Afghan Independent Radio
  3. ANSF
    Afghanistan National Security Forces
  4. CBO
    Community Based Organization
  5. CDC
    Community Development Council
  6. CDM
    Community Development Manager
  7. CDO
    Community Development Officer
  8. CDP
    Community Development Plan
  9. CF
    Community Facilitator
  10. CM
    Compliance Manager
  11. COP
    Chief Of Party
  12. COR
    USAID Contracting Officer Representative
  13. COTR
    USAID Contracting Officer Technical Representative
  14. CBA
    cummunity based analasis
  15. CBU
    Capacity Building Unit
  16. CSU
    Central Support Unit
  17. DABS
    Da Afghanistan Brishna Sherkat
  18. DAIL
    Directorate Of Agriculture Irrigation And Livestock
  19. DCC
    District coordination Council
  20. DCOP
    Deputy Chief Of Party
  21. DDA
    District Development Assembly
  22. DDP
    District Development Plan
  23. DE
    District Entity
  24. DGO
    District Governor Officer
  25. DG
    District Governor
  26. DoE
    Directorate of Education
  27. DoEc
    Directorate of Economy
  28. DoLSAMD
    Directorate of Labour, social affairs, Martyred and disables
  29. DoPH
    Directorate of Public Health
  30. DoPWA
    Directorate of Public Work affiars
  31. DOWA
    Directorate of Women's Affairs
  32. DPP
    District Project Portfolio
  33. DRRD
    District Rural & Rehabilitation Department
  34. DSF
    District Stability Framework
  35. DSO
    District Stability Officer
  36. DSU
    District Support Unit
  37. DT
    District Team
  38. DTL
    District Team Leader
  39. FOG
    Fixed Obligation Grant
  40. GCBO
    Grants Capacity Building Officer
  41. GDO
    Grants Development Officer
  42. GIO
    Grants Implementation Officer
  43. GIRoA
    Government Of The Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan
  44. GIS
    Grants Implementation Specialist
  45. GM
    Grants Manager
  46. GMIC
    Government Media And Information Centre
  47. GoA
    Government of Afghanistan
  48. GPM
    Grants Procurement Manager
  49. GPO
    Grants Procurement Officer
  50. GPS
    Geographic Positioning System
  51. GRC
    Grants Review Committee
  52. GuC
    Grants Under Contract
  53. IDLG
    Independent Directorate Of Local Governance
  54. IQC
    Indefinite Quantity Contract
  55. IR
    Intermediate Results
  56. IRD
    International Relief And Development Inc.
  57. IRoA
    Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  58. ISP
    Internet Service Provider
  59. JD
    Job Discription
  60. KCRT
    Kandahar Centre For Research And Training
  61. KMIC
    Kandahar Media And Information Centre
  62. M&E
    Monitoring And Evaluation
  63. MAIL
    Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock
  64. MEW
    Ministry of Energy and Water
  65. MoPH
    Ministry of Public Health
  66. MRRD
    Ministry Of Rural Rehabilitation And Development
  67. MTO
    Medium Tax Office
  68. NABDP
    National Area Based Development Program
  69. NGO
    Non-Governmental Organization
  70. NSP
    National Solidarity Program
  71. PCN
    Project Concept Note
  72. PDC
    Provincial Development Council
  73. PE
    Provincial Entities
  74. PG
    Provincial Governor
  75. PMO
    Project Management Office
  76. PMP
    Performance Management Plan
  77. PMU
    Provincial Management Unit
  78. PPCC
    Provincial Public Communications Committee
  79. PMP
    Peformance management Plan
  80. PRA
    Participatory Rural Appraisal
  81. PRRD
    Provincial Rural Rehabilitation And Development
  82. PRT
    Provincial Reconstruction Team
  83. PSU
    Provincial Support Unit
  84. RCS
    Regional Command South
  85. RFA
    Request For Applications
  86. RFI
    Request For Information
  87. RFQ
    Request For Quotations
  88. RSSA
    Region South Stability Approach
  89. RTA
    Radio Television Afghanistan
  90. SGM
    Senior Grants Manager
  91. SIKA
    Stability In Key Areas
  92. SO
    Strategic Objective
  93. SOI
    Source Of Instability
  94. SOW
    Scope Of Work/Statement Of Work
  95. SPC
    Service Providers Catalogue
  96. SSD
    Sectorial Services Directorate
  97. SSI
    Stability Success Inventory
  98. SPO
    Stability Programm Officer
  99. SWG
    Sector Working Group
  100. TK
    Tarin Kot
  101. TOT
    Trainer Of Trainers
  102. TWJ
    Tarnak Wa Jaldak
  103. USAID
    United States Agency For International Development
  104. USG
    United States Government
  105. FOG
    District line officer
  106. PFM
    Project feasiability matrix
  107. PSR
    Preiodic stability review
  108. CF
    Community Fourm
  109. DSW
    District Social Worker
  110. IDPs
  111. STAS
    Stability Technical Assistance Session
  112. SAOs
    Social Affair Offices
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