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  2. Pashto Alphabet
    English Sound
  3. آ ,ا
  4. ā / ʾ
    as in apple
  5. بb
    as in boat
  6. پp
    as in pool
  7. تt
    as in time
  8. ټṭ
    (or 'tt')as in tower
  9. ثs
    as in smile
  10. جǰ
    as in pleasure
  11. ځj
    (or 'dz') / zas in sad zebra
  12. چč
    as in cheer
  13. څc
    (or 'ts')as in cats
  14. حh
    as in home
  15. خx
    as in the scottish loch
  16. دd
    as in day
  17. ډḍ
    (or 'dd')as in midday
  18. ﺫz
    'th' as in this
  19. ﺭr
    as in room
  20. ړṛ
    (or 'rr')as in sparrow
  21. ﺯz
    as in zebra
  22. ژž
    as in leisure
  23. ږẓ̌
    watch video below
  24. سs
    as in smile
  25. شš
    as in shine
  26. ښṣ̌
    as in sheet
  27. صs
    as in sold
  28. ضz,
    d 'th' as in that
  29. طt
    as in toy
  30. ظz
    'th' as in this
  31. عʻ
    watch video below
  32. غγ
    watch video below
  33. فf
    as in fine
  34. قq
    as in queue
  35. كk
    as in kid
  36. ګg
    as in gold
  37. لl
    as in life
  38. مm
    as in moon
  39. نn
    as in now
  40. ڼṇ
    (or 'nn')
  41. وw, u, o
    as in wind, moon
  42. هh, a, ə/ë
    as in have
  43. ۀə (or 'ë')
    as in meet
  44. يy, i
    as in year
  45. ېe
    as in elephant
  46. ىai, y
    as in hi
  47. ۍəi (or 'ëi')
    as in hay
  48. ئəi (or 'ëi')
    as in hay
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