Chapter 4 Glossary Terms

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  1. Matter
    Anything that has mass and takes up space
  2. Pure substance
    A substance containing only one type of matter with a definite set of physical and chemical properties
  3. Mixture
    At least 2 pure substances that are not chemically combined
  4. Element
    A substance made of only one type of atom that can not be broken down
  5. Compound
    2 or more substances bonded together chemically
  6. Physical property
    A property such as color, viscosity, luster, malleability or state
  7. Viscosity
    The rate at which a substance flows
  8. Melting point
    The temperature at which a solid changes into a liquid
  9. Boiling point
    The temperature at which a liquid changes into a gas
  10. Solubility
    A substances ability to dissolve in water
  11. Density
    A substances mass per cm cubed or mL cubed
  12. Chemical Property
    a property such as combustibility, reactivity with water, reactivity with air, toxicity, reactivity with acid, reactivity with a pure substance
  13. Combustibility
    an objects ability to burn in air
  14. Toxicity
    An objects ability to cause immediate harmful effects on plants and animals
  15. Stability
    A substances ability to resist chemical change

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Chapter 4 Glossary Terms
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