Nursing mgmt

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  1. Definition of lead
    to show or mark the way - to guide the course
  2. Definition of manage
    to plan, organize, and control organization
  3. A good leader will
    • Focus on what needs to be done
    • Develop an action plan
    • Listen before speaking
    • Run a productive meeting
    • Use "we" instead of "I"
    • Take responsiblitlty for their decisions
    • Focus on opportunities not problems
  4. Old leadership theories
    • Great Man
    • Trait
    • Contingency
  5. Modern leadership theories
    • Situational
    • Transactional
    • Transformational
  6. Great Man theory
    • Born to lead
    • Cannot learn to be a great leader
    • Heroic or mythic
    • Ex: Martin luther King, Hitler
  7. Contingency theory
    • No 1 leadership is best
    • Environment will determine best style of leadership
    • Success is dependent on leader, followers, and situation
  8. Situational Leadership Theory
    • No single style is better than another
    • Successful leaders will adapt
    • Style is adapted to maturity of group
  9. Transactional Theory
    • People work best under chain of command
    • Workers motivated through punishment and rewards
    • Followers closely monitored
    • Worker primary motivation is to obey leader
  10. Transformational Theory
    • Leaders inspire creativity
    • Open communication
    • Share clear vision of future with followers
    • Leader is a role model and is respected
  11. Trait Theory
    • Similar to great man
    • Leader possess trait to be great
    • Traits are behavior or personality characteristics
  12. Leadership traits
    • Energy        Affection
    • Drive          Honesty
    • Enthusiasm       Fairness
    • Ambition           Loyalty
    • Aggressiveness  Dependability
    • Friendliness       Teaching skills 
    • Decisiveness      Self assurance
    • Self-confidence   Technical mastery
  13. Autocratic leadership styles
    • strong control
    • gives orders
    • does decision-making
    • plans
    • directive
    • fosters dependency
  14. Democratic leadership styles
    • less control
    • offers suggestions
    • makes suggestions
    • group does planning
    • participative
    • fosters independence
  15. Laissez-Faire leadership styles
    • No control
    • Nondirective
    • abdicates decision making
    • no planning
    • uninvolved
    • fosters chaos
  16. Classical Management theory
    • Managing workers and organizations efficiently
    • Fails to recognize human element
  17. Behavioral Management theory
    • Basing management on human behavior
    • Studies psychological, sociological, and anthropological aspects of behavior
  18. Quantitative management theory
    Uses math and statistics to increase quality
  19. Systems school management theory
    A system for transforming input to output while in constant interaction with environment
  20. Contingency Management theory
    Basing actions on the unique characteristics of each situation
  21. The other side of leadership involves...
    • All great leaders need followers
    • Being a great leader is an important role
    • Even leaders need to understand good followership
    • Teamwork depends on effective followership
  22. Percentage of leaders
  23. Percentage of followers...
  24. Leaders + Followers =
    Effective teams
  25. What makes an effective follower?
    • View themselves as equal to the leader
    • Work for the common good
    • Considered to be enthusiastic, intelligent, ambitious, self reliant
  26. What makes an ineffective follower?
    • Have a limited worldview
    • Mainly consider their own needs
  27. What is a sheep follower?
    • Require external motivation
    • Lack commitment
    • Require constant supervision
  28. What is a conformist follower?
    • Feel compelled to always please the leader
    • Yes-men
  29. What is an alienated follower?
    • Tend to snipe at leaders to sabotage their work
    • View themselves as the righteous leader
  30. What is a pragmatic follower?
    • Are not trail-brazers
    • Will stay hidden in the background
  31. What is a star follower?
    • Can succeed without leadership
    • Positive, active and independent thinkers
  32. High to low critical thinking followers
    • Alienated and effective followers
    • Sheep and yes people
  33. High to low participative followers
    • Yes People and Effective followers
    • Sheep and alienated followers
  34. Guidelines to follow when you disagree with leader
    • #1 Discuss disagreements privately
    • Do not approach the leader during deadlines or a crisis
    • Present the situationa s a joint problem
    • Bring potential solutions to the meeting
    • Take the leader's point of view into consideration when brainstorming ideas
    • *Do not approach leader when you are angry*
  35. What is abuse and neglect?
    Any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult 
  36. Types of victims
    • Elderly
    • Children
    • Spouses
  37. Types of abuse
    • Physical
    • Sexual
    • Emotional
    • Neglect
    • Economic
  38. What percent of US citizens have experienced family violence?
  39. Definition of family violence
    the intentional, intimidation, abuse, or neglect of children, adults or elders by a family member, intimate partner or caretaker in order to gain power and control over the victim
  40. What are the 3 races that are most likely to experience abuse?
    • African Americans
    • American Indian
    • Multiple Race households
  41. 80%b of child abuse...
    is done by the child's parents
  42. A lower socioeconomic status correlates to...
    an increase in risk for abuse
  43. 90% of elder abuse...
    is perpetrated by relatives
  44. The nursing role for abuse and neglect?
    • 1. screen on admission
    • 2. report abuse
    • 3. provide support
  45. Screen on admission question? 
    Do you feel safe at home? 
  46. Rules about reporting abuse
    Legally obligated to report any abuse suspected
  47. Who monitors and defines abuse and neglect
    Arizona attorney general
  48. Who to call for adult abuse
    Adult protective services (aps)
  49. Who to call for child abuse
    Child protective services (cps)
  50. Steps that occur when a nurse is a accused
    • 1. Report sent to AZ board of nursing to investigate
    • 2. Nurse removed from floor until investigation is over 
    • 3. Remaining staff should never go in room alone
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