Chapter 6 chemistry terms

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  1. Ion
    • -The atoms that results when an atom gains or loses electrons
    • - elements remain the same because the nummber of protons hasn't changed
    • - They gain or lose electrons to look like the nearest noble gas
  2. Chemical bond
    • - Compounds that consist of two or more elements that are chemically linked together
    • - The links that hold atoms together are called chemical bonds
  3. Ionic bond
    A chemical bond that forms between oppositely charged ions
  4. Ionic compound
    • - A compound that forms when one or more valence electrons are transferred from one atom to another
    • - an ionic bond forms between two ions, forming a neutral compound
  5. Molecular compound
    A compound formed when atoms of 2 or more different elements share electrons
  6. Covalent bond
    - A chemical bond in which one or more pairs of electrons are shared by 2 atoms

    • - The shared electrons are attracted to the nuclei of both atoms
    • - This attraction holds atoms together
    • - The atoms are uncharged because there is no transfer of electrons
  7. Molecule
    • - The smallest particle of a covalent compounds
    • - Not all molecules are compounds because compounds are   made up of two or more different elements
    • - ex O2 is a molecule not a compound.
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