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  1. A style that didplays decimal numbers as a percentage.
    Percent format
  2. prearranged sets of placeholders for various types of slide content
    slide layout
  3. a slide or printout that is wider than it is tall
    landscape orientation
  4. a slide or printout that is taller than it is wide
    portrait orientation
  5. repeated text or graphics that appear at the top of a page, slide, or spreadsheet
  6. a set of coordinated colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to office 2007 documents
  7. a sample of model document on which new documents are based.  Templates include formatting settings, text, and graphics used to create the new documents
  8. prearranged sets of placeholders for various types of slide content
    slide layout
  9. a set of slides or handouts that contains information you want to convey to an audience
  10. the way a document is displayed on the screen
  11. printed copies of the presentation for the audience to refer to during and after the slide show
  12. a style that vertically aligns with dollar signs ($), thousands separators  (,),and decimal points
    accounting format
  13. for most charts, a data series is the information in a worksheet column. If you select multiple columns of data for a chart, youll create multiple data series.  Each data series is then represented by its own color bar, line or column
    data series
  14. The area defined by the x and y axes
    plot area
  15. a key that identifies each of the data series in a chart
  16. A set of coordinated colors, fonts and effects that can be applied to office 2007 documents
  17. a cell address expressed in relation to the cell containing the formula.  For example, rather than naming a specific cell in a formula, a relative cell reference might identify a cell three columns to the left of the cell containin
    relative cell reference
  18. a block of cells in an excel worksheet
  19. a feature used to display a document as it will appear when printed
    print preview
  20. cells in a worksheet that act as a block but are not necessarily adjacent to each other
    noncontinuous range
  21. a format that controls how numerical data is displayed, including the use of commas, dollar signs, and the number of decimal places
  22. a complete set of characters in a specific face, style, and size
  23. repeated text or graphics that appear at the bottom of a page, spreadsheet, or slide
  24. a built-in formula for performing calculations, such as addition, in a table
  25. to apply attributes to cell data to change the appearance of the worksheet
  26. a color that fills a cell, appearing behind the data
  27. predrawn artwork, photos, animations, and sound clips that u can insert into ur files
    clip art
  28. a ribbon tab that is only available in a certain context or situation
    contextual tab
  29. A style that displays dollar signs immediately preceding the number and includes a thousands separator
    currency format
  30. in excel, a combo of a font, text color, cell color, and other font attributes applied to a single cell. These are called Quick Styles in other Office programs
    cell styles
  31. a chart that occupies its own worksheet
    chart sheet
  32. the total area occupied by a chart
    chart area
  33. A style that displayed numbers with a thousands separator (,)
  34. the slide currently selected or displayed
    active slide
  35. A feature that temporarily performs the following calculations on a range of cells without making you write a formula: AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MAX, MIN, or SUM
  36. a variable used in a function. Can be a number, text, formula, or a cell reference. A comma separates each in a function
  37. A cell address, such as $E$14, referenced in a formula that doesnt change based on the location of the cell that contains the formula
    absolute reference
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