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    • 5 requirements for using automatic departure release?
    • 1. IFR and assigned a published RWY 25 departure procedure
    • 2. EGE and DBL radars must be working
    • 3. STARS must be working at TWR
    • 4. TWR must have 2 controllers working
    • 5. FDIO must be working
  1. All ac must depart EGE on what runway unless otherwise coordinated?
    RWY 25
  2. What must center use as the arrival time?
    Time when ac is observed over the runway and below 6,600
  3. When can EGE authorize SVFR?
    • 1. Within their class D
    • 2. At or below 9,100
    • 3. After coordination/approval with center
  4. When can EGE tower clear an ac on an instrument approach for a contact approach?
    When ac is at or below 13,000 and approved by center
  5. When does center authorize TWR to apply visual separation?
    • 1. Within a 15 mile radius
    • 2 At or below 15,000
    • 3. Between IFR departures and arrivals
  6. Does center need to notify tower if non-radar or timed approaches are being used?
  7. What 2 approaches do we clear ac on into EGE?
    • 1. ILS or LOC DME RWY 25
    • 2. LDA DME RWY 25
  8. Can EGE clear ac on instrument approach for visual?
  9. What determines the type of instrument approach?
    Ac type
  10. Center must switch ac to tower at least?
    10 miles from airport
  11. If automatic departure releases are not in use can EGE release ac at will?
    No. They must request and obtain a departure release from center
  12. What are exception ac to the two approaches and what is the approach for these ac?
    B757, B737 and A300 series ac must be cleared via LOC FMS RWY 25
  13. If FDIO is down, center must?
    Forward arrival info 10 minutes before eta
  14. If using timed approaches during non-radar and 1st ac does missed approach, tower will?
    Instruct 2nd ac to miss approach unless it has been given alternate missed approach instructions or it has airport in sight and is/can be cleared visual
  15. 2 things (with one exception) will cause tower to discontinue use of ADR?
    • 1. If prop or turboprop ac is released under ADR
    • 2. If arrival does missed approach
    • *****exception is P-180 (Piaggio) release does not stop ADR
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