Ch 19 Review

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  1. ____ is the attachment of a spinal fixation device at each end of the area being repaired and at least one other attachment in the area being repaired
    The segmental instrumentation
  2. Electrical or ultrasound stimulation is use to?
    Promote healing
  3. The acronym ORIF stands for?
    Open reduction with internal fixation
  4. A patient presents to the orthopedic office complaining of pain in the wrist. The physician injects the ganglion cyst with Xylocaine to reduce the pain. What is the correct code?
  5. Arthrocentesis is?
    • Injection to the joint
    • Aspiration to the joint
    • Puncture to the joint cavity
  6. Which of the following flaps describes a bone graft that is taken along with the skin and tissue that overlies the bone?
    Free ostepcutaneous flaps
  7. Wound exploration codes have the following service(s) bundled into the codes?
    Exploration including enlargement, debridement, removal of foreign bodies,a minor vessel litigation and repain
  8. Bone grafts for spinal surgery are often coded in conjunction with surgical procedure. What is the appropriate modifier to apply to the bone graft code?
    No modifier
  9. Where is the bimalleolar bone located?
  10. Which of the following is not a fracture treatment?
  11. Open treatment of a fracture is when the?
    Fracture site is surgically open and visualized or open remotely.
  12. A hip replacement is coded based on the?
    Medical reasons for the surgery.
  13. Fracture codes are based on?
    Treatment type
  14. This type of graft is often taken from the upper thigh area?
    Fascia lata
  15. Codes for arthrodesis include the bone graft and instrumentation, and these cannot be coded separately
  16. 22585 is an add-on code?
  17. You cannot report codes for open wound exploration (20100-20103) if the wound is sufficient in size to accomplish the repair and the wound does not need to be enlarged.
  18. An orthopedic surgeon cannot report the service of ultrasonic guidance because this is a radiology procedure, and only a radiologist can report services represented in the Radiology section.
  19. Using codes from the wound exploration category requires the coder to assess the extent of the procedure.
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