First Rank Symptoms of Schenider (FRSS) (3+3+3+2)

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  1. 1. Made phenomina (3)
    • a) made affect (emotion)
    • b) made impulse (drive)
    • c) made volition ( acts)
  2. 2. Disruptions of thoughts (3)
    • a) thought insertion
    • b) thought withdrawal
    • c) thought broadcast
  3. 3. Types of auditory hallucinations (3)
    • a) commentary
    • voices giving a running commentary on the pt
    • b) echo
    • hearing thoughts spoken out loud
    • c) 3rd person
    • in 3rd person criticising or discussing the person
  4. 4. Somatic impassivity
  5. 5.The primary delusional experience 
    (delusional perception)
  6. Common mistakes and 2nd dance symptoms (SRS)
    • 1. Ideas or delusions of reference are not FRSS. 
    • Thought block is not a FRSS
    • 2. Auditory hal per se are not FRSS
    • 3. SES include symptoms of less diag importance e.e.g other hallucinations/delusions, perplexity, blunted affect
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First Rank Symptoms of Schenider (FRSS) (3+3+3+2)
FRSS - group of symptoms characteristic of the disorders. In absence of organic disease, Schneider considered them to be dias of acute SCPH. Specificity: FRSS may occur in other functional psychoses e.g. 20% in psychotic depression and 40% in acute mania Sensitivity: 20% of SCPH never showed FRSS Should only be regarded as positive if definitely present. NO predictive or prognostic value
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