Natural Selection

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  1. What are the conditions for populations in equilibrium?
    • - Populations are very large
    • - Individuals can mate without limitations
    • - There is no selection of certain Alleles
    • - There is no gene migration
    • - There is no mutation
  2. What are the likely causes of variations:
    • - Mutations: Changes in the DNA
    • - Gene Flow: any movement of genes from one population to another
    • - Sexual Reproduction: Introduces new gene combinations into population
  3. What is Fitness?
    The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce offspring (that are capable of reproducing) within a given spatial ans temporal environment.
  4. Evolution changes the _____ ___ _____ in populations, not at the individual level
    Frequency of Alleles
  5. Define Adaptation:
    - Any characteristic that increases an organism's fitness
  6. Evolution by natural selection occurs only if, traits are ______ and contribute to ______
    • - inheritable
    • - differences in fitness
  7. What are Darwin's Postulates of Evolution?
    • -Individuals within Species vary
    • -Individuals vary in their ability to survive and reproduce
    • -Some of these variations are passed on to offspring
    • -Individuals with the most favorable adaptations are more likely to survive and reproduce
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