Day 34

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  1. accretion
    n. accumulation                        (서서히 막대처럼 생기는) 부착물, 축적(물)

    Neptune was formed by the accretion of icy planetesimals.
  2. agriculture
    n. farming                           농업
  3. attach
    v. stick, fasten, affix            붙이다
  4. counter
    v. oppose, retort                대항하다, 반박하다

    The two scientists used different interpretations of the data to counter each other's conclusions.
  5. crop up
    phr. appear, arise, come out, emerge  불쑥 나타나다(발생하다)

    Problems should be dealt with as soon as they crop up.
  6. dimly
    adv. faintly                          희미하게
  7. distract
    v. divert, sidetrack             산만하게 하다
  8. drain
    v. remove water, draw off, empty     배수하다

    The sink should be drained after use.
  9. emergent
    adj. emerging, nascent                떠오르는, 신흥의

    The emergent ideas of postmodernism have caused a major shift in intellectual discourse and critical theory.
  10. enlarge
    v. amplify, extend, augment, magnify      확대 시키다
  11. excessive
    adj. extreme, undue, exorbitant       지나친

    Many congressmen considered joseph McCarthy's claims of communist infiltration excessive.
  12. exploit (2)
    n. 1. feat, accomplishment          위업

    v. 2. use                           (부당하게)이용하다

    Human rights activists have led boycotts and protests against companies that exploit child labor.   
  13. extract
    v. derive, draw, extort          이끌어 내다
  14. fierce
    adj. furious, vicious, aggressive, ferocious 사나운, 험악한

    The Chickisaw Indians were known as fierce warriors.
  15. fiery
    adj. passionate, fervent, impetuous  불같은
  16. first and foremost
    phr. above all, primarily, to begin with  무엇보다 먼저

    First and foremost, the scientific method requires a hypothesis.
  17. fluctuation
    n. variance, variation             변동

    Even minor temperature fluctuations can be dangerous to tropical fish.
  18. gradually
    adv. little by little, slowly, steadily, progressively                      점차적으로
  19. languid
    adj. listless, faint, feeble, weak   (움직임이) 힘없는, 나른한, 기운없는

    Fran was startled to see her friend so languid.
  20. location
    n. site, position, place                장소, 위치
  21. lengthen
    v. prolong, extend, stretch                연장하다, 길어지다

    Primary school education has now been lengthened to six years in America.
  22. mandatory
    adj. required, compulsory, obligatory, requisite                         필수의, 의무적인
  23. narrate
    v. recount, describe, relate      이야기를 하다

    The storyteller narrated a tale about a beautiful princess to the young children.
  24. noxious
    adj. harmful, noisom         유해한, 유독한

    The industrial plant released noxious chemicals into the river.
  25. once
    con. when                          일단~ 하면
  26. pierce
    v. puncture, perforate, penetrate     관통하다,뚫다
  27. positive (2)
    adj. 1. sure, certain            확신하는

    adj. 2. affirmative, helpful    긍정적인
  28. pretend
    v. feign, affect, assume          ~인 체하다
  29. range (2)
    n. 1. spectrum, extent, scope      범위

    v. 2. vary, go, run, fluctuate    변화하다

    Temperatures in the Sahara Desert can range from scorching hot during the day to freezing at night.
  30. rudiment
    n. basic, element, essential      기초, 기본

    George mastered the rudiments of Russian grammar in one year.
  31. signify
    v. denote, express, indicate, mean     표명하다, 나타내다

    The chairman signified his agreement with a nod.
  32. simultaneously
    adv. concurrently, at the same time   동시에
  33. symmetrical
    adj. proportionally balanced, commensurable  균형이 잡힌, 대칭적인

    Rorschach inkblots are symmetrical abstract designs that are used in personality analysis.
  34. testify
    v. provide evidence, prove        증명하다, 입증하다
  35. vast
    adj. immense, huge, enormous          거대한
  36. visionary
    adj. fanciful, imaginary, illusory   환상의, 예지력있는

    Many people think that Chris ideas are visionary.
  37. vogue
    n. mode, fasion, style           유행

    Short skirts are very much in vogue.
  38. weariness
    n. fatigue                              피로

    The hard work at the construction site led to a great deal of weariness.
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