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  1. What is a class A or B or C warning?
    Class A - Red Warning. Class B - Amber Cautions. Class C - Green Advisory.
  2. What are the priority of Aural Alarms from highest to lowest?
    "Low Nr Tone. High Nr Tone. ""Hands On"". BFIRE Chime. ""Eng Fire"". ""Decision Height"". WARNING Chime. ""Landing Gear"". CAUTION tone."
  3. "When do you get ""Landing Gear"" Audio? Can you cancel it?"
    When gear is up and <60K + <300ft. Hold ACK Alarm for >3 secs to cancel.
  4. What does land or ditch IMMEDIATELY mean?
    Urgency of landing is paramount. Primary consideration is survival of occupants. Landing in water or trees should be last resort.
  5. What does land ASAP mean?
    Emergency conditions are urgent and require landing at the the nearest site where a safe landing can be made.
  6. What does land as soon as PRACTICABLE mean?
    Pilots judgement to proceed to nearest airfield or landing site with appropriate assistance.
  7. What does CONTINUE Flight mean?
    System performance may be degraded but unscheduled landing is not required.
  8. What are the three Basic Rules for any emergency from the checklist?
    BOLD FACE. 1 - Aircraft control - Maintain. 2 - Situation - Analyse. 3 - Proper action - Take.
  9. What happens when you pull MCO?
    MCO shuts off both ENG SOV. Cuts all electrical power except DBAT and EMERG on till 10% Nr.
  10. Emergency Engine Shutdown?
    BOLD FACE. SIF - Stop. SOV Switch - Close. Fuel Pumps - OFF.
  11. Emergency Rotor Braking?
    BOLD FACE. Both SIF - STOP. Caliper - READY. MCO - Pull. RTRBK - Brake.
  12. Emergency Jettison all loads?
    BOLD FACE.Master Switch - JETT or ARM. Collective EMERG JETT - Press.
  13. Emergency landing checks?
    BOLD FACE. LDG GEAR - Down. NWL - Locked. PKGBK - As req. If ditching landing gear as required.
  14. Autorotation checks?
    BOLD FACE. Auto - Enter. Collective - Nr 88-110%. Airspeed - adjust. IF TIME PERMITS - ENG Relight. Else - Emerg Landing Cx.
  15. Loss of Tail Rotor in hover - NOSE GOES RIGHT?
    BOLD FACE. Collective - Reduce immediately. Cushion touchdown. EMERG Eng Shutdown.
  16. Loss of Tail Rotor in cruise - NOSE GOES RIGHT?
    BOLD FACE. Collective - Reduce. Cyclic - Adjust to Vy and control yaw.
  17. FIRE1 or 2 on the ground?
    BOLD FACE. EMERG Rotor Braking. FIRE EXT - As req. EMERG Egress.
  18. FIRE1 or 2 in flight?
    BOLD FACE. SAFE OEI flight - establish. ENG SOV - close. FUEL PUMPS - Off. FIRE EXT 1st SHOT - Press when <30% Ng. SIF - stop. Land as soon as Practicable. *If light still on after 30 sec FIRE EXT 2nd SHOT - PRESS. EMERG LANDING Cx. Land Immediately.
  19. BFIR1 and or BFIR2 on the ground?
    BOLD FACE. EMERG Rotor Braking. EMERG Egress.
  20. BFIR1 and BFIR2 in flight?
    BOLD FACE. EMERG landing Cx. EMERG Gear Down. Land Immediately.
  21. BFIR1 or BFIR2 in flight?
    BOLD FACE. FIRE EXT Test - The side not indicating. *If test fails - EMERG landing Cx. EMERG Gear Down. Land Immediately.
  22. BFIR 1 and BFIR2 on ground with APU running?
    BOLD FACE. L to R Manual Fuel transfer - Perform. EMERG RTR Braking. EMERG Egress.
  23. Fire and Smoke on the ground?
    BOLD FACE. Cockpit windows - Open. ECS - Off. APU Heating - Off.
  24. Fire and Smoke in flight?
    BOLD FACE. Vy - Establish. Doors and windows - open. ECS - Off.
  25. Single ENG Failure in hover up to 15ft?
    BOLD FACE. Collective - maintain. Floats - A/R. Pitch - <10. Collective - Cushion.
  26. Single ENG Failure in hover >15ft?
    BOLD FACE. Collective - control Nr decay. Floats - A/R. Pitch - <10. Collective - Cushion.
  27. What Nr will all ALT and TRU drop offline?
  28. Single ENG Failure in hover when flyaway?
    BOLD FACE. Nr - 97%. Pitch - 15deg ND. STORES - Jettison. >30K - land or flyaway DECIDE.
  29. Single ENG Failure in forward flight?
    BOLD FACE. Nr - >97%. STORES - Jettison. Land or Continue - DECIDE. *If continue - Safe OEI flight establish ASAP.
  30. GOV1 or GOV2?
    BOLD FACE. Nr - Control. AFCS Collective - disengage. Safe OEI - establish. EMERG ENG Shutdown.
  31. MGBP Warning?
    BOLD FACE. VMD MGB Oil Press - Check. Power - reduce to Vy ASAP.
  32. RTRBK Caution on ground?
  33. RTRBK Caution in flight?
    BOLD FACE. RTRBK Switch - check FLIGHT. CALIPER - Stow.
  34. How many chips are you allowed in 30 minutes?
    You are allowed 3. On the fourth you must commence the 'Forth or Large Chip' Checklist.
  35. CWP what does FIRE1 or FIRE2 warning mean?
    The fire management box has detected a fire signal from at least one of the two IR/UV optical detectors. FM Book 1. p1-3-28
  36. CWP what does GOV1 or GOV2 warning mean?
    Total loss of engine control system. Fuel Flow frozen at last known value. FM Book 1. p1-3-20
  37. CWP what does ENG1P or ENG 2P warning mean?
    Oil pressure <1.2 Bar. Normally 2 - 8.4 Bar. FM Book 1. p1-3-18
  38. CWP what does ENGDF warning mean?
    Excessive power difference between engines. FM Book 1. p1-3-19
  39. CWP what does ICEMR warning mean?
    Total failure of Main Rotor Blade De-Ice. FM Book 1. p1-12-15
  40. CWP what does BAY1V or BAY2V warning mean?
    This is a total failure of both AC Cooling fans in the relevant bay. Normally only one of the two will operate with the other fan as the backup. FM Book 1. p1-11-5
  41. CWP what does BFIR1 or BFIR2 warning mean?
    Two separate lanes of detectors. Each lane has three detectors. The detectors from lane 1 and 2 are paired next to each other. You need only one signal to set off a relevant BFIR1 or BFIR2. FM Book 1. p1-4-4
  42. CWP what does MGBP warning mean?
    Pressure <2.4 Bar. Normally 4.5 - 7.5 Bar. FM Book 1. p1-4-2
  43. CWP what does RAGBP warning mean?
    Pressure <1 Bar. Normally 1 - 8 Bar. FM Book 1. p1-4-5
  44. CWP what does the NR warning mean?
    Rotor less than 95% Nr. FM Book 1. p1-4-3
  45. CWP what does the BAT1T or BAT2T warning mean?
    Battery temp >71 deg. FM Book 1. p1-6-25
  46. CWP what does the IFF4 warning mean?
    System unable to reply to a Mode 4 interrogation. FM Book 1. p1-14-26
  47. CWP what does the FCS warning mean?
    Loss of 2 IRS or DSU. Loss of both PFCDC. Loss of one lane in both PFCDC. FM Book 1. p1-10-26
  48. CWP what does the LGUP caution mean?
    Comes on when <300ft and <60Kts and gear is up. FM Book 1. p1-9-8
  49. CWP what does EPUD caution mean?
    The small door to the external power receptacle is open.
  50. CWP what does PKGBK caution mean?
    Actuation of the brake or a malfunction of the brake. FM Book 1. p1-9-8
  51. CWP what does LFUEL caution mean?
    Fuel level in a supply tank is 145-160 Kg. FM Book 1. p1-5-9
  52. CWP what does APU caution mean?
    The APU ECU is energised. This happens when the APU control switch to ARM. FM Book 1. p1-3-26
  53. CWP what does the DOORS caution mean?
    Means both cabin doors are not fully closed. FM Book 1. p1-1-7
  54. CWP what does the LGMS caution mean?
    You need gear down and master switch to ARM. To warn you if landing at FOB with flares still armed. FM Book 1. p1-17-7
  55. CWP what does RTRBK caution mean?
    The rotor brake is in the READY position and at least one caliper has moved toward the disk from the RESET position. FM Book 1. p1-4-14
  56. CWP what does the INHIB caution mean?
    Braking inhibited because: 1 - Caliper Stowed. 2 - In Flight. 3 - >10% TQ. SIF inhibited because: 1 - PBL3 and RTRBK is at BRK. 2 - RTRBK is at PARK and you try to go to Fly or start a second engine. The FM Book 1. p1-4-12
  57. CWP what does AUDIO caution mean?
    You have disabled the audio warnings using the pushbutton under the IEBD.
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