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  1. what are the 7 elements of art
    space, color, space, line, value, texture, form
  2. what other word means color
  3. what are the three main parts of color
    hue value intenstiy
  4. what are the 3 primary colors
    red blue yellow
  5. what are the 3 secondary colors
    orange purple green
  6. what is value
    a change of the base color, light to dark
  7. what is the paint called that is put on clay after its been fired
  8. what watercolor technique do you use to get a solid color
    solid wash
  9. who found the lascaux cave
    4 young boys and their dog
  10. what country is the lascaux cave in
  11. who was the founder of the pop art movement
    andy warhol
  12. what decade or time frame was the pop art movement
  13. whose most famous painting is the mona lisa
    leanardo de vinchi
  14. which artist cut off his ear
    vincent van gogh
  15. what do artist call the glue that is used to seal pieces of clay together
  16. what kind of black pencil can give you great value by smudging it with your finger
  17. whats the correct amount of layers to achieve intense color when using colored pencils and how do you know you've used the correct amount of layers
    3 layers and when you cant see white
  18. what are the 2 kinds of textures
    actual and visual
  19. what is a bas relief sculpture
    a sculpture that can be seen on one side
  20. what are african masks typically used for in afarican tribes
    masks are used for ceremonies and or rituals
  21. how many paintings did vincent van gogh sell while he was alive
  22. which artist created the famous painting called starry night
    vincent van gogh
  23. when using one point perspective what do you call the dot that is on the horizon line that you draw all of your diagonal lines to>
    vanishing point
  24. what value technique is used when using dots
  25. what are the 3 kinds of shapes
    geometric freeform and naturual
  26. what do you call the process when you try to get all the air bubbles out of clay
  27. what is the oven called that clay is fired in so that it hardens
  28. what watercolor technique would you use to take off color if you put too much or you wanted white again
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