Unit 14 Vocab

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  1. Virtue
    • n. good morality
    • Ex: She had good virtues, making her level headed and open-minded.
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  2. Virile
    • adj. masculine, manly
    • Ex: Despite his virile appearance, he is surprisingly very feminine.
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  3. Virtuoso
    • n. someone gifted in a particular area
    • Ex: The fine arts virtuoso had many paintings featured in the gallery.
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  4. Demagogue
    • n. A leader who appeals to people to gain power.
    • Ex: She claimed the government as a demagogue, for she appealed to many different groups to vote for her until she got elected.
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  5. Demographic
    • adj. having certain characteristics in common
    • Ex: The demographic group of functionally literate people is startling small.
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  6. Pandemic
    • adj. Having an effect on a large area.
    • Ex: The new fashion pandemic was ridiculously gaudy.
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  7. Cosmopolitan
    • adj. worldly or sophisticated
    • Ex: In the bland and normal town, he felt like the only cosmopolitan person in the world.
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  8. Politicize
    • v. To give political character to something
    • Ex: The shootings were politicized by the pro-guns opposition.
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  9. Apolitical
    • adj. not political, having no interest in politics
    • Ex: I am not interested in government because I am an apolitical person.
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  10. Civilty
    • n. Politeness
    • Ex: His civilty was a breath of fresh air in the sea of rudeness.
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  11. Civic
    • adj. Having to do with the business of government or the city.
    • Ex: The town hall was the town' s only civic building.
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  12. Civilize
    • v. To refine or to make more cultured
    • Ex: Jane attempted to civilize Tarzan.
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