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  1. rx for acne
    • mild--topical benzoyl peroxide and topical isotretinoin
    • moderate--antibiotics
    • severe-- isotretinoin, oral antibiotics
  2. rx for pityriasis roseaa
    • nothingĀ 
    • if severe itching, topical steroids
  3. most accurate test for contact deratitis
    patch testing

    remove agent, h1 blockers and topical steroids
  4. rx for stasis dermatitis
    • elevation of limb
    • compression stockings
  5. rx for seborheic dermatitis
    • steroids
    • antifungals selenium sulfide shampoo
    • zinc pyrithione
  6. rx for atopic dermatitis
    • topical steroids
    • topical tacrolimus
    • tar
    • phototherapy
  7. rx for psoriasis
    • depends on severity
    • mild-topical steroids
    • moderate--coal tar, calcipotriene, vitamin a
    • severe--uv light, mtx, immunologic agents
  8. rx for kaposi sarcoma
    • raise cd4 count
    • adrimycin
    • vinblastine
  9. dx of basal cell carcinoma
    • shave or punch biopsy
    • mohs surgery
  10. what lesion predisposes to squamous cell cancer
    actinic keratosis
  11. rx for actinic keratosis
    • many
    • 5fu
    • curettage
    • liquid nitrogen
  12. what lesion has a stuck on appearance
    seborheic keratosis
  13. what reduces the recurrence rate of melanoma
  14. rx for antrhax
    • tetracycline
    • fq
  15. papule that necrosis in the middle is suggestive of
  16. ssss vs tss vs ten
    • tss involves other organs not only skin
    • ten caused by drugs
  17. tss definition
    • fver
    • hypotension
    • desquamative rash, involving mucus membranes

    rx is fluids, pressors and abx
  18. rx for lice, scabies, pediculosis
  19. how does scabies present
    itching, escoriations around the webspaces of fingers and toes
  20. best initial test for syphilis
    • dark field examination
    • penicillin, for primary and secondary, can use doxy with allergic to penicillin, for tertiary and pregnancy have to desensitize
  21. rx for warts
    • cryotherapy
    • imiquimod
    • trichloroacetic acid
  22. diagnosis of acute herpes
    tzanck smear best initial

    more acurate---viral culture
  23. rx for herpes zoster infection in immunocompromised or adult

    rx for an adult exposed to vzv

    ivig within 96 hours
  24. rx for necrotizing fascitis
    • unasyn
    • zosyn + surgical debridement
  25. best initial test for nF
    xray, ct, mri showing air in tissue

    most accurate is biopsy
  26. rx for fungal infection of hair or nail
    oral terbinafine

    oral ketoconazole
  27. what presents with erythema nodosum
    • histo
    • sarcoid
    • rheumatic fever
    • coccidio
    • ibd
    • hepatitis c
  28. rx for erythema nodosum
    • nsaids
    • analgesics
  29. rx for fixed drug reaction
    topical steroids
  30. rx for ten and sjs
    • ivig
    • azathioprine
    • cyclophosphamide

    steroids do not work
  31. rx for erythema multiforme
  32. what is a morbilliform rash
    • maculopapular rash
    • anti-histamines
  33. rx for urticaria
    antihistamines if not effective add steroids
  34. when do you do desensitization for an allergen
    if it cannot be avoided
  35. rx for chronic allergens
    non sedating anti-histamines
  36. how does pct present
    • burns
    • non healing blisters on the body in an alcololic with hep c and liver disease
  37. most accurate test for pct
    urine porphyrins

    • rx is phelebotomy. deferoxamine.
    • stop alcohol. fix liver
    • chloroquine
  38. pemphigus vulgaris or bullous pemphigoid has oral lesions
    p. vulgaris
  39. rx for p.vulgaris and b. pemphigoid
    • steroids
    • and abx for b. pemphigoid
  40. most accurate test for b. pemphigoid
    biopsy with immunoflourescent antibodies
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