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  1. rx for a fracture of the head that is depressed or comminuted

    linear fracture that isnt depressed or comminuted

  2. rx for a person with an open skull fracture
    • surgery
    • abx
    • tetanus
  3. rx for csf leak due to basal skull fracture
    nothing will stop by itself
  4. rx for neuropraxia
    what is neuropraxia

    temporary loss of nerve funtion
  5. rx for bells palsy due to basal skull fracture
  6. rx for subdural hematoma
    • steroids
    • unless there are lateralizing signs or midline deviation
  7. rx for deep axonal injury---accelaration/deceleration injury
    nothing...just precent increase in ICP
  8. when do you use steroids in cerebral edema
    when they occur due to tumor or abscesses
  9. rx for increased icp
    • bed head elevation
    • hyperventilation
    • avoid fluids
    • mannitol and furosemide
    • sedation
  10. when do you treat medically an acute abdomen
    • pancreatitis
    • cholangitis
    • peritonitis(primary)
    • urinary stones
    • ruptured ovarian cysts
    • mi
    • Lower lobe pneumonia
    • Pulmonary embolism
  11. most common causes of perforation
    • crohns
    • peptic ulcer
    • diverticulitis
  12. best initial tests for obstruction
    • cbc with lactic acid
    • axr
  13. which hernias do you not repair electively
    • umbilical <2 yo
    • sliding hiatal hernias
  14. 3 signs of hemorrhagic pancreatitis
    • falling hct
    • leukocytosis
    • low calcium
  15. when does an abscess form vs pancreatic pseudocyts
    • abscess---1 week after a case of acute pancreatitis
    • pseudocyst--5 weeks after
  16. mnx of pseudocysts
    • <6cm and <6weeks--observe
    • >6cm and >6weeks--percutaneous drainage
  17. rx for a ruptured appendix
    iv antibiotics untill wbc and fever subside
  18. 4 conditions where you do surgery for chronic crohns disease
    • toxic megacolon
    • 20 years of surgery
    • refractory to steroids and other immunosuppresnats
    • multiple hospitalizatons
  19. if you are suspecting ischemia, pain out of proportion to the exam, high lactic acid, next step
    • surgery---do embolectomy or resection
    • angiography--thrombolytics and vasodilators
  20. dx of obstructive jaundice
    • best initial is sono
    • more accurate is endoscopic ultrasound or MRCP

    Rx is ERCP
  21. what are the 5 components of child pugh score
    • bili
    • albumin
    • inr
    • encephalopathy
    • ascites
  22. what are the cardiac risk factors
    • ef<35
    • jvd
    • recurrent ischemia
    • hf
  23. pulmonary risk factors
    • low FEV1
    • high co2
  24. what are the 4 organ systems that can preclude surgery
    • cardiac
    • pulmonary
    • liver
    • nutriotional
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