California mammals - Descriptions 2

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  1. "apple-shaped" teeth
    • Aplodontia rufa
    • Mountain beaver
  2. rodent; dark, dense fur
    • Mountain beaver
    • Aplodontia rufa
  3. distinct depression in basioccipital bone
    • Beaver
    • Castor canadensis
  4. large infraorbital canal, large crests; teeth deeply orange
    • Porcupine
    • Erithizon dorsatum
  5. Sciurus; yellow to rusty dorsum
    • Sciurus carolinensis
    • Eastern grey squirrel
  6. Sciurus; strictly grey pelage with larger tail than it's opposite coast cousin
    • Sciurus griseus
    • Western grey squirrel
  7. Sciurus; grizzled reddish-grey, ventral side reddish or orange tail with reddish-tipped hairs
    • Sciurus niger
    • Fox squirrel
  8. Sciurus; peglike upper premolar
    Sciurus griseus and carolinensis (Western and Eastern, respectively)
  9. Sciurus; no peglike upper premolar
    • Sciurus niger
    • Fox squirrel
  10. Sciurus; 3 dark lines visible on skull, anterior border of orbit opposite premolar
    • Tamiasciurus douglasii
    • Douglas' squirrel
  11. membranes between limbs
    • Glaucomys sabrinus
    • Northern flying squirrel
  12. Ground squirrel; ash-colored, conspicuous white stripes on sides
    • Ammospermophilus leucurus
    • White-tailed antelope ground squirrel
  13. large, heavy-bodied rodent; grizzled pelage with yellowish ventral
    • Marmota flaviventris
    • Yellow-bellied marmot
  14. larger rodent, distinct depression in cranium between orbits
    • Marmota flaviventris
    • Yellow-bellied marmot
  15. ground squirrel; long, bushy tail
    • Otospermophilus beecheyi
    • California ground squirrel/Beechey ground squirrel
  16. ground squirrel; gray-brown with a brown "saddle"; underside of tail reddish
    • Urocitellus beldingi
    • Belding's ground squirrel
  17. ground squirrel; resembles a large chipmunk but no stripes on head
    • Callospermophilus lateralis
    • Golden-mantled ground squirrel
  18. Tamias; yellowish sides compared to other chipmunks, dark head stripes
    • Tamias amoenus
    • Yellow-pine chipmunk
  19. Tamias; grayish, lateral light stripes more bold than other chipmunks
    • Tamias minimus
    • Least chipmunk
  20. Tamias; white-tipped hairs on tail, tail reddish down ventral side with shadowed edges; dulled out gray butt
    • Tamias senex
    • Shadow chipmunk
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