Motion in One Dimension

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  1. 1D motion
    motion forward or backward, up or down, left or right
  2. frame of reference
    a coordinate system for specifying the precise location of objects in space
  3. displacement
    the change in position of an object
  4. positive/negative direction
    • positive: up/right
    • negative: down/left
  5. average velocity
    total displacement divided by the time interval during which the displacement occurred
  6. instantaneous velocity
    the velocity of an object at some instant (or specific point in its path)
  7. velocity vs. speed
    velocity gives a direction, is a vector whereas speed is a scalar
  8. position vs. time graph slope
    • slope is the velocity
    • steeper slope means greater speed
    • straight line is constant velocity
    • horizontal line is at rest
    • positive value means positive direction, negative value means negative direction
  9. acceleration
    the rate of change of velocity
  10. acceleration with constant velocity
  11. velocity vs. time graph
    • shows acceleration
    • object is at rest when the velocity is 0
    • upward slope: speed increasing
    • horizontal slope: constant velocity, no acceleration
    • downward slope: speed decreasing
  12. positive velocity and acceleration
    speeding up
  13. negative velocity and acceleration
    speeding up
  14. positive velocity and negative acceleration
    slowing down
  15. negative velocity and positive acceleration
    slowing down
  16. 0 velocity and 0 acceleration
    at rest
  17. constant acceleration
    velocity increases by the same amount during each interval; displacement for each time interval increases by the same amount
  18. free fall
    motion of an object falling with a constant acceleration
  19. motion
    natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something
  20. 3 physical descriptions that describe motion
    • displacement: change in position
    • velocity: rate at which the displacement changes
    • acceleration: rate at which the velocity changes
  21. vector
    • physical quantity with magnitude and direction
    • e.g. velocity, displacement, acceleration, force
  22. sector
    • has magnitude only
    • e.g. speed, mass, temperature, time
  23. acceleration vs. time graph
    • horizontal line is constant acceleration
    • sign of acceleration is the same as the sign of velocity
  24. free fall constant
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