California mammals - Descriptions 3

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  1. Pocket gopher; sphenoidal fissure present
    • Thomomys bottae
    • Botta's pocket gopher
  2. Pocket gopher; sphenoidal fissure absent
    • Thomomys talpoides
    • Norther pocket gopher
  3. Kangaroo rat; dark dorsum, white "banner" on tail
    • Dipodomys californicus
    • California kangaroo rat
  4. Kangaroo rat; dorsal color pale buff to whitish, large, white on tail
    • Dipodomys deserti
    • Desert kangaroo rat
  5. Kangaroo rat; small, slightly darker buff, no white on tail
    • Dipodomys merriami
    • Merriam's kangaroo rat
  6. Kangaroo mouse; small, dark-bodied, no lateral stripes on tail
    • Microdipodops megacephalus
    • Dark kangaroo mouse
  7. Heart-shaped bullae (genus only)
  8. very small skull, heart-shaped bullae
    Microdipodops megacephalus
  9. pocket mouse; hole piercing rostrum, auditory bullae extend beyond interparietal (genus only)
  10. pocket mouse; hole piercing rostrum; auditory bullae even with interparietal (genus only)
  11. mouse with spiny bristles down most of tail; tail long and bicolored with heavy crest that is darker than the rest of body
    Chaetodipus formosus (Long-tailed pocket mouse)
  12. mouse with spiny bristles down most of tail; light colored spines on rump and flank
    Chaetodipus spinatus (Spiny pocket mouse)
  13. mouse with bristles only on end of tail; very small, softer, darker
    Perognathus longimembris (Little pocket mouse)
  14. mouse with bristles only on end of tail; buff/ashy color, darker, softer
    Perognathus parvus (Great Basin pocket mouse)
  15. large infraorbital foramen, upper incisors grooved (genus only)
  16. mouse; sides brightly colored, tail much longer than body
    Zapus princeps (Western jumping mouse)
  17. mouse; tail only slightly longer than body, strongly tricolored, darker than other of same genus
    Zapus princeps (Western jumping mouse)
  18. Christmas tree teeth, large angular skull
    Ondatra zibethicus (Muskrat)
  19. Christmas tree teeth; upper incisors strongly recurved
    Arborimus pomo (Sonoma red tree vole)
  20. large, very soft, chocolate brown
    Ondatra zibethicus (Muskrat)
  21. vole; chesnut-red
    Arobrimus pomo (Sonoma red tree vole)
  22. vole; light grey, short tail
    Phenacomys intermedius (Heather vole)
  23. vole; three lingual projections on last upper molar, less evenness in Xmas trees on lower jaw
    Phenacomys intermedius (Heather vole)
  24. vole; dark pelage, reddish dorsum, ventral buffy/cream
    Myodes californicus (California red-backed vole)
  25. vole; lower teeth parallel, three or four lingual projections off of last upper molar
    Myodes californicus (California red-backed vole)
  26. vole; grayish pelage w/ browner tones, short tails
    Lemmiscus curtatus (Sagebrush vole)
  27. vole; auditory bullae foamlike
    Lemmiscus curtatus (Sagebrush vole)
  28. vole; drab-colored, tail much smaller than pinky
    Microtus californicus (California vole)
  29. vole; tail roughly the size of pinky, dull reddish back
    Microtus longicaudus (Long-tailed vole)
  30. small, heavy skull, christmas tree teeth look spiny on lower jaw (genus only)
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