Virginia College - Medical Terminology - Practice Words for Chapter 6

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  1. sub/cutene/ous
    pertaining to under the skin
  2. epi/dermis
    above skin
  3. cyanosis
    abnormal condition of blue
  4. edema
  5. dermat/o/logist
    one who treats skin
  6. carcin/oma
    cancer tumor
  7. melan/oma
    black tumor
  8. cellul/itis
    inflammation of small cells
  9. dermat/itis
    inflammation of skin
  10. leuk/o/derma
    white skin
  11. dermat/o/plasty
    surgical repair of skin
  12. xer/o/derma
    dry skin
  13. jaund/ice
    pertaining to yellow
  14. cirrh/osis
    abnormal condition of orange
  15. albin/ism
    condition of white
  16. hidr/aden/itis
    inflammation of sweat glands
  17. onych/o/malacia
    softening nails
  18. scler/o/derma
    hardening skin
  19. trich/o/myc/osis
    abnormal condition of hair fungus
  20. onych/o/myc/osis
    abnormal condition of nail fungus
  21. dermat/o/auto/plasty
    surgical repair of skin using skin from the patient
  22. derma/tomy
    incision of the skin
  23. dermat/o/stomy
    surgical formation of an opening in the skin
  24. peri/onych/ia
    pertaining to around the nail
  25. py/o/derma
    pustules on the skin
  26. seb/o/rrhea
    discharge or flow of oil
  27. dermat/osis
    abnormal condition of skin
  28. photo/toxic
    uv light poison
  29. erythr/o/derma
    red skin
  30. acro/dermat/itis
    inflammation of skin on the extremities
  31. hypo/hidr/osis
    condition of below normal sweat
  32. hidr/o/penia
    deficiency of sweat
  33. hist/o/logist
    one who studies tissue
  34. leuk/o/cyte
    white blood cell
  35. erythr/o/cyte
    red blood cell
  36. epi/derm/o/lysis
    loosening of the top skin
  37. dermat/o/myc/osis
    abnormal condition of skin fungus
  38. hyper/hidr/osis
    abnormal condition of sweating
  39. lip/ectomy
    surgical removal of fat
  40. a/tax/ia
    condition of no reaction to stimulus
  41. a/troph/y
    process of no development
  42. brady/kines/ia
    condition of slow motion
  43. dys/kines/ia
    condtion of bad, painful, or difficult motion
  44. my/algia
    condition of muscle pain
  45. a/condr/o/plasia
    no cartiledge formation or growth
  46. ankyl/osis
    abnormal condition of bent or crooked
  47. arthr/itis
    inflammation of the joint
  48. arthr/o/condr/itis
    inflammation of the joint and cartiledge
  49. burs/itis
    inflammation of the bursa
  50. carp/o/ptosis
    drooping of the wrist
  51. fibr/o/my/algia
    condition of pain in the fibers and muscles
  52. kyph/osis
    abnormal condition of hump - dowager's hump
  53. lord/osis
    abnormal condition of bent forward - sway back
  54. scoli/osis
    abnormal condition of curved - S curve from side to side in spine
  55. menisc/itis
    inflammation of the meniscus
  56. myel/oma
    tumor of the red bone marrow
  57. oste/o/genesis imperfecta
    imperfect formation or development of bone
  58. oste/o/malacia
    softening of the bone
  59. oste/o/myel/itis
    inflammation of the bone and red bone marrow
  60. oste/o/por/osis
    abnormal condition of holes in bones
  61. poly/myos/itis
    inflammation of many muscles
  62. spondyl/arthr/itis
    inflammation of joints and vertebra
  63. ten/o/synov/itis
    inflammation of stretched tendons and synovial membrane
  64. arthr/o/centesis
    surgical puncture of the joint for the purpose of aspiration
  65. arthr/o/lysis
    loosening of the joint
  66. chondr/ectomy
    surgical removal of cartilage or gristle
  67. cost/ectomy
    surgical removal of a rib
  68. crani/o/plasty
    surgical repair of the cranium
  69. fasci/o/tomy
    surgical incision of the fascia
  70. ost/ectomy
    surgical removal of the bone
  71. ten/o/my/o/plasty
    surgical repair of the muscle and stretched tendon
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