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  1. HF equipment
    • Transmit Set: AN/URT-23E (9)
    • Frequency Range: 2-30 MHz
    • Receive Set:R-2368/URR (15)
    • Couplers
    • Transmit/Total:
    • AN/SRA-56, Eight (8)
    • AN/SRA-57, Four (4)
    • AN/SRA-58, Four (4)
    • AN/URA-38, One (1)
    • Receive/Total:
    • AN/SRA-49B, Twenty (20)
    • antenna OA's
    • No. Radios coupled:Four (4) per unit

    • Naval communications within the hf band
    • point-to-point, ship-to-shore, ground-to-air, and fleet broadcast. All but the fleet broadcast are normally operated two-way.
  2. UHF Equipment
    • 1Transceiver:AN/WSC-3
    • Frequency Range:225-399.975 MHz
    • Variants/Total: (V)7, LOS(14), HALF QUICK(2), SATCOM(5)
    • antenna AS-4163
    • 2Transceiver:AN/URC-93 (2)
    • Frequency Range:225-399.975 MHz
    • Coupler/Total: OA-9123/SRC(4)
    • No. Radios coupled:Four per unit
    • antenna AS-1735
  3. VHF use
    Used for line-of-sight (short range) command and control, and satellite communications.
  4. VHF Equipment
    • 1Transceiver/Total: AN/VRC-46 (2)
    • Frequency Range: 30-75 MHz
    • Purpose: Naval Gun Fire Support
    • ANtenna AS-3226
    • 2Transceiver/Total: AN/GRC-211 (2)
    • Frequency Range: 100-160 MHz
    • Purpose: Monitor International and Military Air Distress frequencies
    • 3Transceiver/Total: JHS-32A(1)
    • Purpose: Bridge-to-Bridge comms
  5. The Navy uses the vhf band for
    mobile comms such as bridge-to-bridge, among boat crews, and for amphibious operations and landing parties.
  6. EHF Equipment
    • AN/USC-38
    • antenna AS-4294
  7. EHF Provides
    communication links for Tomahawk taskings, MTJ circuit, secondary IP services. It is a general purpose satellite communications terminal that provides survivable, jam-resistant, low probability of intercept communications for secure voice, teleprinter and data circuits.
  8. SHF equipment
  9. SHF Uses
    SHF SATCOM provides near worldwide digital voice, Teletype (TTY), or digital data communications. (UTJ circuit)
  10. Intercommunication interconnecting group ON-201
    Routes communications signals to appropriate operator console user equipment in accordance with switching matrix programming.
  11. IVCS
    Internal Voice Communication System. The IVCS is a computer-controlled, circuit-switching communication system that combines all shipboard voice communication equipment into one integrated system.
  12. SA-2112(V)
    Single Audio System (Secure Audio Switch (SAS)/Black Audio Switch (BAS))
  13. Secure Voice Switch
    a semiautomatic radio telephone switching device. This switch provides the nonsecure or secure interface between RCS radio equipment and the ON-201. The secure voice switch also allows the remote phones in the CIC, Pilothouse, and Communication Center to access the nonsecure or secure RCS equipment.
  14. SAS
    Connects crypto to red phones.
  15. BAS
    Connects crypto to equipment.
  16. Wireless Interior Communications System (WICS)
    Not installed onboard
  17. Discuss the 5Khz/25Khz DAMA circuits:
    • a. VTC300 Mini-DAMA, 5 kHz/25 kHz
    • b. TD 1271/DAMA
    • two TD-1271/DAMA units create the OK-455 dual DAMA system used onboard. 25 kHz
  18. DAMA Capabilities
    dama subsystem was developed to multiplex several baseband systems or users on one 25-kHz satellite channel.
  19. SIPR
    Secret Internet Protocol Routing
  20. DRRS-N
    Defense Readiness Reporting System Navy
  21. The overarching intent behind DRRS-N
    is to help answer the question "ready for what?" by providing both capability and resource data in an improved readiness reporting tool to broaden DoD-level readiness assessments.
  22. GCCS-M
    • Global Command and Control System - Maritime
    • It provides a near real time view of the battle field
    Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System. It is a collection of classified coalition networks that enable information sharing
  24. NIPR
    Non-secure Internet Protocol Routing
  25. NIAPS
    Navy Information Application Product Suite. NIAPS delivers maintenance, logistics, administrative, training and management applications to users at sea. NIAPS maximizs the use of limited bandwidth
  26. NIAPS programs (including but not limited to):
    Web ATIS, SKED, eSOMS, TDKM, NKO Afloat, NSIPS Afloat, Hopper Homepage
  27. NTCSS
    • Naval Tactical Command Support System programs:
    • -Relational Admin Data Management (R-ADM)
    • RSupply
    • OMMS-NG
  28. Navy Cash
    Shipboard connectivity affects,PIN changes, chip-to-strip transfers, etc.
  29. NSIPS
    • Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System
    • NSIPS is the Navy’s single, field-entry, electronic pay and personnel system for all Sailors. This web-enabled system offers 24-hour access to their Electronic Service Record (ESR), training data, and career counseling records. NSIPS is available via the ship’s network using a disconnected operations infrastructure, synchronizing data with the ashore network when connectivity permits.
  30. ADNS
    • Automated Digital Networking System
    • The Automated Digital Network System automates the routing and switching of tactical and strategic C4I data via Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks
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