Day 35

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  1. accelerate
    v. speed up, expedite, hasten, quicken  촉진 시키다

    The tariff act accelerated the rise of American trade.
  2. adjust
    v. fit, adapt, suit                  맞추다, 조절하다
  3. a great deal of
    phr. a lot of                           다량의

    The company earned a great deal of money in 2001.
  4. alleviate
    v. relieve, ease, lessen, abate          완화하다

    The president's economic reforms have alleviated the crushing poverty to some degree.
  5. aromatic
    adj. fragrant                         향기로운

    Aromatic herbs are often used in foods.
  6. celebrated
    adj. renowned, famous, well-known, distinguished                          유명한
  7. charaterize
    v. distinguish                      특징 지우다
  8. certainly
    adv. surely, assuredly                  확실히
  9. compliment
    n. commendation, honor, tribute     칭찬, 경의
  10. decrease
    v. diminish, minimize, dwindle      줄이다
  11. definite
    adj. decisive, unambiguous, unequivocal  명확한
  12. dictate
    v. require, prescribe, determine, (조건, 방침 등을) 지시하다, 명령하다

    The referee dictated the rules of the game.
  13. distinction
    n. difference, divergence               차이

    Dickinson makes an important distinction between rights and duties.
  14. embed
    v. fix, fasten, root              고정시키다, 새겨 넣다

    The story of the American Dream has been embedded deeply in American culture.
  15. escape (2)
    v. 1. flee, evade, avoid                피하다

    n. 2. flight, freedom                  도피
  16. essentially
    adv. basically, primarily, originally, by nature   본래, 본질적으로
  17. forge (2)
    v. 1. drive, advance            ~로 나아가다, 착실히 전진하다

    The Germans forged ahead toward Honsfeld.

    v. 2. create, make, fabricate, fashion   만들다

    Fairfax forged an army with good soldiers who were well-trained.
  18. identity
    n. similitude, uniformity         동일성
  19. illuminate
    v. clarify, elucidate, light up, brighten  명확히 하다, 밝게 하다, 비추다
  20. in a short space of time
    phr. very quickly              단시간에, 빨리
  21. inconstant
    adj. volatile, unstable, fickle       변하기 쉬운

    Weather becomes inconstant with atmospheric heating.
  22. initial
    adj. original, first, beginning           처음의
  23. lay off
    phr. fire, discharge, dismiss   (일시적으로) 해고하다
  24. motif
    n. 1. theme, subject, topic       주제

    n. 2. design, device, pattern          문양
  25. patience
    n. endurance, fortitude, perserverance, tolerance                                    인내
  26. perilous
    adj. dangerous, hazardous, risky, precarious       아주위험한
  27. personnel
    n. staff, employees, work force          직원, 인원

    The company began a program to change its personnel hiring policies.
  28. ready
    adj. organized, prepared, arranged, set  준비된

    A ready source of campaign funds is crucial in contemporary politics.
  29. refuse
    v. 1. reject, decline, deny            거절하다

    n. 2. garbage, waste, rubbish, trash    쓰레기
  30. revival
    n. restoration, renewal, resurgence, rebirth  재생, 부활
  31. sorrow
    n. distress, anguish, grief                   슬픔
  32. spend
    v. expend, squander, waste, consume   소비하다
  33. spot
    v. see, detect, find               발견하다
  34. steadfast
    adj. unwavering, firm, resolute, resolved, decided               확고한, 변함없는

    It is the prime minister's steadfast belief that more women should be in Parliament.
  35. tension
    n. pressure, strain                   긴장, 팽팽함
  36. ultimate
    adj. final, supreme, utmost             궁극적인
  37. with respect to
    phr. in reference to, in terms of, with regard to                           ~에 대하여
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