ERES TU, MARIA? Vocab Episodes 1-10

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  1. las llaves
    the keys
  2. el periódico
    the newspaper
  3. el piso
    the apartment; floor (of a building)
  4. la portera
    the doorkeeper; in Spain
  5. el edificio
    the building
  6. la calle
    the street
  7. encuentra
    he/she finds
  8. al día siguiente
    the next day
  9. don/doña
    titles of respect in Spanish, used to address elderly men and women
  10. anoche
    last night
  11. ayudar
    to help
  12. esperar
    to wait
  13. saber
    to know
  14. ¿Quién era?
    Who was he/she?
  15. la sobrina
    the niece
  16. vi
    I saw
  17. vive
    he/she lives
  18. llega
    he/she arrives
  19. lleva a
    he/she/it takes (away)
  20. se presenta a
    he/she introduces himself/herself
  21. les dice
    he/she says to them
  22. no sé
    I don't know
  23. abro
    I open
  24. el accidente de coche
    car accident
  25. busco
    I look for
  26. el dinero
    the money
  27. las joyas
    the jewels
  28. muerto/a
  29. el nieto
    the grandson
  30. el/la periodista
    the newspaper reporter
  31. ¿Robaron?
    Did they steal?
  32. Él no conoce a su abuela
    He doesn't know his grandmother
  33. No ve casi nada.
    She can hardly see anything.
  34. No viene nunca aquí.
    He never comes here.
  35. Pasó antes de venis a vivir con doña Gracia.
    It happened before she came to live with doña Gracia.
  36. Pasó tres meses...
    She spent three months...
  37. ¿Qué pasó?
    What happened?
  38. el domingo pasado
    last Sunday
  39. Madrid
    the capital of Spain
  40. ahora mismo
    right away
  41. los churros
    breakfast/snack treat; fried pastry topped with sugar and served with a thick hot chocolate.
  42. el golpe
    hit; blow
  43. preguntar por
    to ask for
  44. ¿Sabe?
    Does she know…?
  45. a la mañana siguiente
    the next morning
  46. ¿Habló del incidente?
    Did she talk about the incident?
  47. No estoy pensando en...
    I'm not planning to...
  48. Solo recuerda...
    She only remembers….
  49. Voy a pensarlo.
    I'll think about it.
  50. Yo fui a visitarla.
    I went to visit her.
  51. las tapas
    appetizers / small plates of food eaten any time of day or night in Spain
  52. el archivo
    the record/file
  53. la carretera
    the highway
  54. el enfermero
    (male) nurse
  55. los historiales clínicos
    the medical records
  56. murió
  57. las visitas
    the visitors
  58. descubren
    they find out
  59. desafortunadamente
  60. buscar
    to look for
  61. Dos coches chocaron.
    Two cars crashed.
  62. Él les ayudó a las dos.
    He helped the two of them.
  63. Estuvo aquí.
    She was here.
  64. No viene a trabajar.
    He hasn't been coming to work.
  65. Sí, me acuerdo de Maria.
    Yes, I remember Maria.
  66. ¿Te acuerdas de ella?
    Do you remember her?
  67. la amistad
  68. saludos
  69. besos en las mejillas
    kisses on the cheeks
  70. abrazos
  71. Se dan la mano.
    They shake hands.
  72. una cita
    an appointment/date
  73. un recado
    a message
  74. Acabo de venir del hospital.
    I just came from the hospital.
  75. El ladrón robo
    The robber stole….
  76. Necesito saber...
    I need to know...
  77. Nosotros cobramos
    We charge….
  78. Vi a su abuela.
    I saw your grandmother.
  79. Tutuear (el tuteo)
    to use Tú with someone
  80. Tú vs. Usted
    Tú is used in informal address with friends, classmates, family; it created closeness

    Usted creates distance; always use usted when in doubt of which to use to avoid an insult.

    A person will indicate if he/she prefers you to use Tú.
  81. ¡Qué casualidad!
    What a coincidence!
  82. ¡(Buena) Suerte!
    Good luck!
  83. No la conozco.
    I don't know her.
  84. Tenía un secretario.
    He had a secretary.
  85. Tuvo problemas con él.
    He had problems with him.
  86. encuentran
    they find
  87. dice que
    he says that
  88. vivia
    she used to live
  89. casualidades
  90. llamada
    (telephone) call
  91. tarjeta postal
  92. dormitorio
  93. cartas
  94. las direcciones
  95. Barcelona
    second largest city in Spain
  96. Acabo de hablar con….
    I just spoke with….
  97. Acabo de ver...
    I just saw...
  98. Ella las perdió.
    She lost them.
  99. Maria tenía las llaves.
    Maria had the keys.
  100. ¡No me sigas!
    Don't follow me!
  101. Acaba de darles.
    He just gave them.
  102. sale
    she leaves
  103. espera
    she waits
  104. la hora de cenar
    dinner time
  105. la merienda
  106. la hora del aperitivo
    before lunch or dinner (tapas time)
  107. el desayuno
  108. la comida
  109. aparece
  110. Ve a sentarte
    Go sit
  111. ¡Venid!
  112. sigue
    he/she follows
  113. vigilan
    they watch
  114. muestra
    he/she shows
  115. Basta de detective por hoy.
    That's enough of being a detective today.
  116. ¿Estás segura?
    Are you sure?
  117. Quiere irse
    He wants to go away.
  118. Tengo que colgar.
    I have to hang up.
  119. Vengan en seguida.
    come right away
  120. los cupones pro-ciegos (ONCE)
    kind of lottery; winnings go to the National Organization of the Spanish Blind for the improvement of services for the visually impaired.
  121. el metro
    the subway
  122. atacar
    the attack
  123. listos
  124. mucha suerte
    a lot of luck
  125. no quiere esperar
    he doesn't want to wait
  126. los novios
    boyfriend and girlfriend
  127. las reconoció
    he recognized them
  128. robarlas
    to steal them
  129. tomó
    she took
  130. descubrir
    to discover
  131. la cárcel
  132. abogado
  133. Deténgala
    Arrest her.
  134. Él pierde la paciencia.
    He loses his patience.
  135. Eso parece.
    That's why it seems like
  136. No quería.
    I didn't want to.
  137. España
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