California mammals - Habitats 4

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  1. Neotoma cinerea
    • Bushy-tailed woodrat
    • Coniferous forests of northern CA and Sierra Nevada
  2. Neotoma fuscipes
    • Dusky-footed woodrat
    • Hardwood forests and scrublands throughout much of CA
  3. Neotoma lepida
    • Desert woodrat
    • Variety of arid habitats in SoCal, occurs widely throughout Great Basin
  4. Onychomys leucogaster
    • Northern grasshopper mouse
    • Great Basin sagebrush
  5. Reithrodontomys megalotis
    • Western harvest mouse
    • Often in brush areas with dense grasses throughout CA in low and med. elevations
  6. Peromyscus maniculatus
    • Deer mouse
    • Nearly anywhere; one of most common mammals in North America
  7. Peromyscus boylii
    • Brush mouse
    • Brushy areas to about 2000 m; common in foothills
  8. Peromyscus truei
    • Pinyon mouse
    • Open woodlands and brushy areas
  9. Sigmodon hispidus
    • Hispid cotton rat
    • Isolated population in lower Colorado river (barely in CA)
  10. Mus musculus
    • House mouse
    • commensal with humans
  11. Rattus norvegicus
    Norway rat
  12. Rattus rattus
    Black rat
  13. Lepus americanus
    • Snowshoe hare
    • Fir and aspen thickets in fir, lodgepole, forests
  14. Lepus californicus
    • Black-tailed jackrabbit
    • Most CA communities
  15. Sylvilagus audubonii
    • Audubon's cottontail
    • Much of lower elevation throughout southern 2/3 of CA; brushlands, orchards, scrub
  16. Sylvilagus bachmani
    • Brush rabbit
    • Chaparral of western 2/3 of state, western slopes of Sierra Nevada
  17. Sylvilagus nuttalli
    • Mountain cottontail
    • Higher elevations; Sierra and NE CA
  18. Ochotona princeps
    • Pika
    • Rocky slopes in high mountains; Sierra Nevada, Cascades, Rocky mountains

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California mammals - Habitats 4
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California mammals names and habitats
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