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  1. System Software
    such as OS, controls computer and devices
  2. OS
    Operating System
  3. Boot process
    actions built into hardware to start OS
  4. User Interface
    how the user interacts with programs
  5. kernel
    core of the OS
  6. Driver
    small program used to connect a peripheral device
  7. file management
    task of keeping track of files stored on device
  8. multitasking
    ability of the OS to have more than one program running at a time
  9. multiprocessing
    processing technique where multiple processors work on multiple things
  10. parallel processing
    multiple processors work to complete one task more efficiently
  11. Virtual Memory
    OS uses part of hard drive as RAM
  12. Page File/Swap File
    Virtual memory area of hard drive
  13. Buffer
    part of hard drive/RAM used to hold input/output on way through system
  14. spooling
    process of placing items in a buffer so they can be retrieved as needed
  15. GUI
    Graphical User Interface, navigate by clicking icons
  16. command line interface
    type commands into UI, text based
  17. Personal OS
    OS designed to be installed on a single computer
  18. Server OS
    designed for a server, grants access connected computers
  19. Mobile OS
    OS for mobile devices
  20. embedded OS
    Used in consumer electronics
  21. DOS, Disk OS
    dominant OS in the 80's to early 90's
  22. Windows
    Predominant OS, since 1985
  23. Mac OS
    Apple computers
  24. Unix
    midrange server, late 60's
  25. Linux
    Opensource OS, free
  26. Open source
    program owners allow anyone to modify
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