GRE Vocabulary IV

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  1. sanguine
    • adj.cheerful; confident:
    • "Her sanguine attitude put everyone at ease."
    • (Sangfroid (noun) is a related French word meaning unflappibility. Literally, it means cold blood)
  2. sate
    • satisfy fully or to excess
    • An example of to sate is to eat five cheeseburgers and six orders of cheese fries.
    • The meal was more than enough to sate his hunger.
  3. saturnine
    • adj.having a gloomy or morose temperament
    • A shadowy haunted mansion is an example of someplace that would be described as saturnine.
    • Your next door neighbor who snaps at you for everything and who is always disgruntled is an example of someone who would be described as saturnine.
    • the men awaiting interrogation by the police shared asaturnine silence
    • He is saturnine in temperament.
  4. savant
    • n.a very knowledgable person; a genious
    • Someone who is considered a scientific genius is an example of a savant.
    • a savant in the field of medical ethics
  5. sedulous
    • adj.diligent; persevering; persistent:
    • "Her sedulous devotion to overcoming her background impressed many."
    • (n: sedulity; sedulousness; adv. sedulously)
  6. specious
    • adj.seemingly true but really false; deceptively convincing or attractive:
    • "Her argument, though specious, was readily accepted by many."
  7. superficial
    • adj.only covering the surface:
    • "A superficial treatment of the topic was all they wanted."
  8. tacit
    • adj.unspoken:
    • "Katie and carmella had a tacit agreement that they would not mention the dented fender to their parents."
  9. taciturn
    • adj.habitually untalkative or silent (n: taciturnity)
    • An example of taciturn is a person who sits quietly at the edge of the room and only responds in short sentences when spoken to.
    • a taciturn man, he almost never initiates a conversation
  10. temperate
    • adj.exercising moderation and self-denial; calm or mild (n: temperance)
    • An island that does not experience wild swings in temperature is an example of an island with a temperate climate.
    • A person who makes sure he doesn't overeat or over-indulge is an example of someone who would be described as temperate in his habits.
    • They had a temperate discussion.
  11. tirade (diatribe)
    • angry speech:
    • "His tirade had gone on long enough."
  12. tortuous
    • adj.twisted; excessively complicated:
    • "Despite public complaints, tax laws and forms have become increasingly tortuous."
    • Note: Don't confuse this with torturous.
  13. tractable
    • adj.ability to be easily managed or controlled:
    • "Her mother wished she were more tractable."
    • (n: tractibility)
  14. turpitude
    • n.depravity; baseness:
    • "Mr. Castor was fired for moral turpitude."
  15. tyro
    • n.beginner; person lacking experience in a specific endeavor:
    • "They easily took advantage of the tyro."
  16. vacuous
    • adj.empty; without contents; without ideas or intelligence::
    • "She flashed a vacuous smile."
  17. venerate
    • v.great respect or reverence:
    • "The Chinese traditionally venerated their ancestors; ancestor worship is merely a popular misnomer for this tradition."
    • (n: veneration, adj: venerable)
  18. verbose
    • adj.wordy:
    • "The instructor asked her verbose student make her paper more concise."
    • (n: verbosity)
  19. vex
    • annoy; to bother; to perplex; to puzzle; to debate at length:
    • "Franklin vexed his brother with his controversial writings."
  20. viscous
    • adj.slow moving; highly resistant to flow:
    • "Heintz commercials imply that their catsup is more viscous than others'."
    • (n: viscosity)
  21. volatile
    • adj.explosive; fickle (n: volatility).
    • An example of volatile is a young man who often gets into fist fights.
    • An example of volatile is the quality of the substance acetone.
    • The stock market can be very volatile.
  22. voracious
    • adj.craving or devouring large quantities of food, drink, or other things. She is a voracious reader.
    • An example of voracious is a person eating three servings more than anyone else at a dinner party.
    • He has a voracious appetite.
  23. waver
    • hesitate or to tremble
    • When you decide on one option and then start to rethink your decision and have a hard time choosing, this is an example of a situation where you waver between different options.
  24. wretched
    • adj.extremely pitiful or unfortunate (n: wretch)
    • A person who looks extremely ill and sickly is an example of a person who would be described as looking wretched.
    • A falling down house that is in grave disrepair is an example of a house that would be described as wretched.
  25. zeal
    • n.enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal (n: zealot; zealoutry. adj: zealous)
    • An example of zeal is a passionate dedication for homeless rights.
    • he was uncomfortable with their lavish parties and their collector's zeal for the most expensive, most ostentatious brand names
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