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  1. Sniping with firearms dates back to when?
    1640's, when the british placed optics on their rifles
  2. Origins of the word "Sniper"
    British occupation of India where hunting the elusive "Snipe" bird required stealthy movement and accurate fire.
  3. Morgan's Kentucky Rifleman (Revolutionary War)
    • -had rifle barrels with thin walls and curved grooves inside the barrels
    • -used guerrilla tactics to kill indian guides and british officers, inducing chaos
  4. Timothy Murphy
    • -One of Morgan's Kentucky Rifleman
    • -engaged British Gen. Simon Fraser at the battle of Bemis Heights at a range of 300yards
    • -turned the tide of the battle
  5. Col. Patrick Ferguson (revolutionary war)
    • -member of the Scots Guard fighting for the Brits
    • -Battle of Brandywine 9/11/1777
    • -did not take shot at american officer who had back turned, turned out to be Washington
  6. Hiram Berdan (civil war)
    • -driving force behind creation of two regiments of sharpshooters
    • -members were required to put 10 rounds in a 10" circle at 200yds
    • -equipped with 52 caliber sharps with optics
  7. Union General John Sedgwick
    • -May 9, 1864, battle of Spotsylvania
    • -confederate soldiers engaging from 1000yds
    • -claimed they couldn't hit an elephant from the range
    • -those were among his last words as a confederate round struck and killed him under left eye
  8. Lovat Scouts (Boer Wars)
    • -1899 to 1902
    • -well adept at marksmanship, fieldcraft and tactics
    • -first military unit authorized to wear ghillies
  9. Major Hesketh-Prithard (WWI)
    • -British
    • -tired of getting ass kicked by German snipers
    • -instrumental in the establishing British Sniper Course
  10. Major Hesketh-Pritchard accomplishments;
    • -believed snipers needed hunters instinct, patience and observation skills
    • -formed Sniper/observer teams
    • -Ghillie camo tech developed
    • -logbooks used to record info
  11. Sgt. Alvin York
    • -one of the most decorated soldiers of WWI
    • -
  12. Billy Sing (WWI)
    • -Australian Sniper
    • -Gallipoli Campaign
    • -confirmed kills have been estimated at 150, 200 and 300
    • -
  13. Cpl. Francis Pegahmagabow
    • -Canadian Expeditionary Force
    • - Most effective sniper of WWI
    • -killed 378 Germans and captured 300 more
  14. Vasily Zaytsev
    • -WWII Russian Sniper
    • -known for his activities during the battle of Stalingrad 
    • -during the 5 week battle, he killed 225 german soldiers to include 11 Snipers
    • -between oct 1942 and Jan 1943, 400 kills, some over 1000 meters
  15. Pvt Matthaus Hetzenauer
    • -German Sniper on the eastern front during WWII
    • -recipient of the Knights cross of the iron cross
    • -345 kills, longest at 1100 meters
  16. Major Jim Land
    • -member of the USMC rifle team
    • -founded the first modern USMC Sniper course in 1961
    • -Carlos Hathcock's commanding officer in vietnam
  17. Carlos Hathcock
    • -93 confirmed kills, hathcock claims 300
    • -shot counter sniper thru scope
    • -killed the "apache" who was known for torturing prisoners
    • -performed a 1.5K stalk to take out a NVA general
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