Carpentry 2: Windows and Window Installation

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  1. What considerations usually determine the type of window chosen?
    • Cost
    • Looks
    • How maintenance-free the owner wants it to be
  2. What type of window could be used if your customer wanted wood inside, but wanted the window to be maintenance-free outside?
    Aluminium/Vinyl-clad windows
  3. Which style window has two sections that slide horizontally?
    Horizontal slider
  4. When God closes a door he opens a ______.
    Window  :)
  5. Describe a casement window
    Hinged on side
  6. Explain the difference between double-hung and single-hung windows.
    • Double - both slide
    • Single - one slides
  7. Explain the difference between bay and bow windows.
    • Bay: 3 windows, usually 45 degrees
    • Bow: more than 3 and at varying degrees to match wall
  8. What is glazing?
  9. When are the windows usually installed in residential construction?
    At the conclusion of the framing stage.
  10. How much clearance should be around the window in the opening for insulation?
    10 mm (3/8") on all sides
  11. What is the purpose of the small package pads found inside the window when you open it and when should they be removed?
    Leave until after all installation has been completed.
  12. Are any additional shims required for tall, wide or multiple unit windows?
    Shim at the dividing rails and ensure that the width or height is the same at these points.
  13. If you use expanding foam to insulate around windows, what type should you use?
    Always use the type recommended for windows because it exerts less pressure as it expands and does not bulge the frame and cause problems.
  14. Why is window casing installed with a reveal?
    You are putting a reveal that will match the reveal on the door casing, that has to have th casing put back so it will go past the strikeplate and hinges without having to be notched around them.
  15. What is the purpose of gluing the mitres as they are assembled?
    To help keep it tight and lock it in place so it resists opening due to material shrinkage and building movement.
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