Carpentry 2: Exterior Finishes Part A

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  1. What type of siding is this?
    Clapboard siding
  2. What type of siding is this?
    Bevel siding
  3. What type of siding is this?
    Rabbeted siding
  4. What type of siding is this?
    Drop siding
  5. What type of siding is this?
    shiplap siding
  6. What main characteristic of vinyl and aluminium siding must you be aware of during installation?
    Sensitive to temperature changes and must be allowed to expand and contract
  7. What must be done to horizontal joints in panel siding?
    Lapped or have flashing
  8. How many coats are applied for a cement stucco wall?
    3 coats
  9. Where is flashing used?
    At horizontal joints of exterior components, except where the upper surface overlaps the lower.
  10. When is flashing installed?
    First so building paper or house wrap that is installed over it will carry water onto the flashing.
  11. The National Building Code states that flashing is not required if the height above a window or door trim to the underside of the eaves is less than a ________ of the width of the overhang
  12. Why is soffit vented?
    To allow air to flow into the roof space
  13. This is for appearance and to cover the edge of the soffit that is nailed to the rough fascia
    Finished fascia
  14. This is wood and is installed during the framing of the roof. It acts as a header to keep the on-centre spacing continuous and to stop twisting in the tails.
    Rough fascia
  15. This is the member that runs from the wall to the rafter or truss tail.

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Carpentry 2: Exterior Finishes Part A
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Carpentry 2: Exterior Finishes Part A
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