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  1. next step after pap shows ascus or lsil in less than 25 yo female 
    after 25 yo?
    • <25 repeat pap in 1 year if + repeat again if + do colposcopy
    • >25 and +, do reflex hpv dna testing
  2. all other findings outside of ascus and lsil get what next step
  3. women with negative paps, should get pap how often
    every 3 years
  4. best initial rx for genital warts
    trichloroascetic acid
  5. rx for symptomatic pagets
  6. most commonly injured nerves in carotid endartetomy
    • hypoglossal
    • vagus
    • facial
  7. when do you do chest ct with a dvt
    if you have pe symptoms
  8. rx for cephalohematoma and caput secundum
    observe for high bili
  9. rx for bronchiolitis
    nebulized albuterol and epi
  10. dx of bronchiolitis
    elisa antigen testing of nasopharyngeal secretions
  11. complicatons of rsv
    • astham
    • middle ear infection
  12. what is the goal for sepsis fluid resusicitation in terms of cvp and map
    • cvp-8-12
    • map>65
  13. common drug causing  cyanide toxicity
  14. which drugs should be avoided with lithium
    • any drug affecting the kidney
    • carbamezapine
    • phenytoin
  15. ear pain with granulation tissue is what
    external ear infection
  16. rx for malignant otitis externa
    iv abx
  17. most common cause of meningo/encephalitis in children vs adults
    children--entero or arboviruses

  18. symptoms of vertebrobasilar insufficiencyw
    vertigo, brainstem findiings
  19. what are the hyperviscosity symptoms
    blurry vision, thrombosis

    secondary to MM
  20. parkinsons with dementia vs lewy body demenita
    • in parkinosn the parkinosn symptoms are more prominent
    • with lewy body--the dementia is more prominent
  21. what meds affect metabolis of warmarin
    • amiodarone
    • erythromycin
    • fq
    • cephalosporins
    • fluconazole
  22. when does breast feeding vs breast milk jaundice appear
    • breast feedig in first week
    • breast milk in second week
  23. preeclampsia
    • 140/90 on 2 occasions 4 hours apart
    • + 1 dipstick or 300mg/24 hrs
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