Long hydraulic formulas

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  1. -2 1/2" friction loss
    - 2 1/2" friction loss less than 100gpm
    • - 2q2+q
    • - 2q2+1/2q
  2. Open butt
    • Image Upload
  3. Smooth bore
    Image Upload
  4. Sprinkler
    • GPM= 1/2P+15
    • psi= 2(GPM-15)
  5. Velocity of flow
    When pressure is known=  Image Upload

    when head is known=  Image Upload
  6. To change (fps) to inches per minute
    Multiply by 12
  7. To change (fps) to feet per minute
    Multiply by 60
  8. nozzle reaction
    Image Upload
  9. Momentary nozzle reaction
    Image Upload
  10. equivalent nozzle diameter
    Image Upload

    or just add up gpms
  11. pressure when head is known
    Pressure=   .434(H)
  12. Head when pressure is known
    head=   2.304(P)
  13. Drafting:
    -max lift
    -drop in atmosphere psi will lift
    • Max- 33.9'
    • 1 psi drop pressure will lift 2.3"
  14. Volume of:
    -cylinder cubic ft
    -cylinder in gallons
    • Sq/rec= LxWxH
    • cylinder cubic ft= Image Upload
    • cylinder in gallons= Image Upload
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Long hydraulic formulas
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