Geography Examples

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  1. Give an example of a geographical feature formed by constructive margins
    • The Great African Rift Valley
    • Spans 6000km from northern Syria to central Mozambique in South East Africa.
  2. Give an example of a geographical feature formed by Continental/Continental destructive margins
    • The Himalayan Mountains.
    • The Indo Australian plate collides with the Eurasian plate
    • Originally, there used to be a sea called the Tethys Sea between India and Asia, but over time India has collided into Eurasia creating huge fold mountains rich in marine fossils.
  3. Give an example of a geographical feature formed by Conservative margins
    • The North Anatolian fault line in Northern Turkey
    • Responsible for the Izmit Earthquake which claimed 20,000 lives in 1999.
  4. Give an example of a rift valley
    • East African Rift Valley.
    • Stretches 4000km from Mozambique to the Red Sea and a further 1500km from the Red Sea to Jordan.
    • In some areas the inward facing scarps are 600m from the valley floor and are marked by a series of parallel step faults.
    • The area is also associated with volcanic activity, for example Mt. Kilimanjaro, rising approximately 5,100m from its base.
  5. Give an example of an Island Arc
    • The Kuril Islands
    • Span from North East Japan to South Est Russia over 1300 km 
    • Pacific plate is subducted beneath the Okhotsk plate
  6. Give an example of young fold mountains
    • The Rockies 
    • >3000 miles long
  7. Give an example of old fold mountains
    • Ural mountains in Kazakstan and Russia 
    • Formed as the prehistoric plates of Baltica and Siberia collided
  8. Give an example of a Batholith
    • Sharp and Skiddaw in the Lake District
    • Large deposits of batholith formed granite
  9. Give an example of a sill
    Whin Sill from Dufton, North Yorkshire to Holy Island in Northumberland.
  10. Give an Example of a Dike
    Kildonan on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.
  11. Give an example of a Lopolith
    The Humboldt Lopolith of Nevada and the Skaergaard complex of Greenland.
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