Carpentry 2: Single-flight Straight Stairs

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  1. The run of a flight of stairs is horizontal measurement from the ______ to the _______
    • edge of top nosing
    • edge of the bottom nosing
  2. Describe the 'headroom' as it relates to stairs.
    Vertical measurement from line of flight to any obstruction overhead
  3. The rise of a flight of stairs is a vertical measurement from ______ to ______
    • top of lower finish floor
    • top of upper finish floor
  4. What is the most common cause of units of rise being unequal in older homes?
    New flooring applied on upper or lower floor
  5. Based on the current building code, what is maximum rise for a residence?
    200 mm
  6. Based on the current building code, what is minimum unit rise for a residence?
    125 mm
  7. Based on the current building code, what is maximum unit run for a residence?
    355 mm
  8. Based on the current building code, what is minimum unit run for a residence?
    210 mm
  9. If the minimum unit run is used, what must be provided?
    A nosing of at least 25 mm
  10. What stair slopes do most textbooks recommend?
    30-35 degrees
  11. Nosings are not required if the unit run is over ____ mm
  12. If 38 mm x 235 mm material is used as treads, what is the largest radius of curve that can be routed onto the front edge of the nosing?
    15 mm
  13. What is the most likely cause of tripping when ascending stairs?
    Excessive nosing
  14. Based on the current building code what is maximum rise for a single flight of stairs?
    3700 mm
  15. What is the minimum effective depth required for a notched stringer?
    90 mm
  16. What is the minimum size of material that can be used for a notched stringer?
    38 x 235
  17. Which style of stairs utilizes routered grooves and tapered wedges to support the treads?
  18. True or false: Handrails are not required for stairs leading to an unfinished basement.
  19. What are the minimum and maximum heights for installation of handrails for a stair?
    800-965 mm measured vertically above the line of flight
  20. Guards should be installed at a minimum height of ___ mm (public) and ___ mm (residential) above a landing.
    • 1070
    • 900
  21. What two situations must be avoided if a guard is constructed with uniformly spaced spindles and an upper handrail?
    • 100 mm diameter ball can't pass through the spindles and 
    • the railing should not have paintings that allow climbing
  22. A unit rise of ____ mm or ____ inches is considered good.
    • 180 mm
    • 7 1/8 inches
  23. The National Building Code establishes limits for unit run calculations.
  24. What unit rise to unit run ratio is used to produce a 32.5 degree stair?
  25. How is the length of material required for a notched stringer calculated?
    Number of threads by unit line length
  26. How is the length of material required for a backing stringer calculated?
    Number of rises by unit line length
  27. When using the framing square to lay out stairs, the unit of rise should be held on the ____ of the square.
  28. For a notched stringer, to establish the cut line at the bottom or floor, a line is drawn equal to _____ above the initial layout line.
    thickness of one tread
  29. The vertical cut at the bottom of a backing stringer is called a/an ______ or an ______
    • Margin return
    • Bottom easement
  30. What should be done once one stringer is cut out and the other is to be traced?
    The cat stringer should be flipped so layout side is traced
  31. The tread width is equal to ____ plus ______.
    • the unit run
    • the nosing
  32. If the wall-to-wall dimension is known, what deductions must be made in order to calculate the length of treads and risers for a semi-housed stair?
    • Twice the wall finish thickness
    • Twice (6 mm or 1/4") for fitting allowance
    • Twice the backing stringer thickness
  33. What should be done periodically during the assembly of a stair?
    Measure diagonals to check squareness

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