Carpentry 2: Multi-flight Stairs

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  1. If a stair with a landing has a width of 1300 mm, what is the minimum width and length of landing required?
    1300 mm wide and 1100 mm long
  2. A set of stairs has two flights at 180 degrees to one another. These are separated by 600 mm. The stairs are called ______.
    Wide U
  3. What classification do stairs enclosed by short guard walls fit into?
    Open stairs
  4. What is the correct name for the wooden post that supports the handrail at the top and at the bottom of a flight of stairs?
    Newel posts
  5. A flight of stairs has a door at the bottom and a door at the top. Both doors swing away from the stairs. Is a landing required between the door and the stair?
    Only at the bottom
  6. To determine if a landing will increase the size of the rough opening, the ______ should be compared with the ______.
    • landing down
    • drop to line of flight
  7. List the 5 items that influence the landing platform's length.
    • Landing dimension
    • Less head allowance
    • Plus nosing
    • Plus riser thickness
    • Plus level cut of stringer
  8. What is the minimum bearing length for a stringer supported on a landing platform?
    Full level cut of the stringer
  9. What part of a notched stringer is not suitable for the upper attachment?
    Any wood above the effective depth
  10. Then angle cut required for handrail backing can be marked using the framing square. Should the cut line be marked on the tongue or the body?
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