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  1. Prop Swords and Other Bladed Weapons:

    All swords must be blunt-edged and cannot have any sort of cutting or sharpened edge (no live steel). Metal swords must have a sheath and must remain in the sheath for the duration of the convention.
    If you see anyone walking around with a sword that looks metal and it is not sheath, try and verify that is it metal then ask them to go to weapons check to have it checked. When you are trying to verify whether or not the weapon is metal please do it discreetly. A lot of prop swords look metal but are not and we want attendees to be safe but we also want them to be comfortable and enjoy the convention. Try and see if the weapon has a piece bond on it before approaching them but even if it has a piece bond on it if it really is metal it should be locked to the sheath. Please notify your manager if you find an attendee with a metal sword that has been piece bonded but removed from the sheath.
  2. Miscellaneous Prop Weapons:

    All bows must be unstrung or have a low-tensile thread.

    All arrows must have blunted tips.Metal chains must be less than 12 inches and be no more than one inch thick.

    Non-metal chains must be under a reasonable length so as not to pose a safety or fire hazard.
    • If you come across an attendee with a bow and you are not sure if it is high tensile please direct them to weapons check to be checked.
    • If you come across an attendee with metal chains and there is no piece bond on the weapon then please direct them to weapons check to be checked.
  3. Banned Weapons:

    Please refer to the Zero Tolerance Policy listed above.

    Anime Expo® reserves the right to ban any weapons not listed in the Zero Tolerance Policy if it is determined that the item is a dangerous item or one which would place others in immediate harm.
    If there is an attendee with a weapon that might be banned but it isn't on the list, or you don't remember the entire list, then please direct them to weapons check to have it checked.
  4. Use of Approved Prop WeaponsProp

    Weapons are to be displayed only as costume pieces and are not allowed to be swung, jabbed, brandished, utilized in a threatening manner, thrust, and/or actively used on the convention grounds in a way that could be considered as creating unsafe situations.

    You may pose with a Prop Weapon in a brandishing manner, so long as no reasonable person would interpret the posed brandishing as anything but a pose for dramatic effect.

    Such posed brandishing may be stopped at the sole and absolute discretion of Weapons Check, and/or the management of Anime Expo®, its security or staff members.

    Anime Expo® also requests that attendees put away their prop weapons when leaving the convention site at night.

    Attendees brandishing their Prop Weapons upon leaving the convention may raise concerns of local law enforcement. Anime Expo ® is not responsible for any actions taken by local law enforcement – such as detention and questioning – should attendees decide to display or brandish their Prop Weapon(s) outside of the convention.
    Basically no activity that may put an attendee at risk for harm is allowed. If there are attendees "recreating" scenes in which they are brandishing their weapons then they have to be stopped. If it is for a picture then it is up to the staff member witnessing the pose transitions to decide whether or not the way it is being done is dangerous and needs to be stopped or not. Any other brandishing of the prop weapon is not allowed.
  5. Martial Arts Performances & Demos

    Persons giving martial arts performances or demonstrations that are officially sanctioned in advance by the management of Anime Expo® may display working martial arts weapons during, and thirty (30) minutes before and after, the demonstrations or performances only. These weapons must be used so as to best avoid harm to persons or property.

    These martial arts weapons must be transported to and from the performance or demonstration area in cases or wrapped and concealed, and must be removed from the convention premises immediately following the performances or demonstrations.

    Weapons Check and the management of Anime Expo® reserve the right to stop any performance or demonstration at their discretion.
    My advice to all of you is to know when these performances are taking place and where. If you witness the performer using their equipment outside of the area the performance is scheduled to take place and outside of the time frame allotted to them then please notify your manager immediately and ask them performer to stop what they are doing.
  6. Use of Uniformed Costumes

    Anime Expo® has the absolute right and sole discretion to determine whether a uniform costume is too close to a real world uniform and to ask an attendee who is wearing a costume that is too close to a real world uniform to modify or remove it.

    In the event the attendee does not cooperate with the request, Anime Expo® may expel the person from the convention.

    If the attendee is dressed as LAPD and they are not LAPD then that is not allowed.

    If the attendee is sort of dressed as The Royal Canadian Mounted Police then that is fair ground.

    If you are unsure whether or not the costume should be allowed please direct them to weapons check to be check.
  8. Where can I put my prop weapon if I do not have a car or a hotel room?

    There is service called Bag Check located in the front of West Hall. They will hold your prop weapon for you, but there is a small fee, so be forewarned and prepare ahead.

    But XYZ Convention allowed my prop weapon, why not here?

    XYZ Convention is not Anime Expo® and Anime Expo® is not XYZ Convention. We allow some things XYZ Con does not allow and vice versa.

    I have a realistic looking gun but it looks terrible with the safety colors. Can’t you just let it go?

    No. Anime Expo ® and its attendees must comply with California regulations regarding safety colors. You may either paint on the colors or use colored tape, such as duct tape or gaffers tape, to adhere to the safety color requirements. Having bits of colored paper and taping them on with something similar to scotch tape does not meet California Regulations.

    Will (insert prop) be allowed at the convention?

    Please ask on the forums or check the Zero Tolerance Policy for its allowance
    For that last question it is very important that they read the entire weapons policy to be sure their weapon will or will not be allowed. It is very possible that it is not on the banned list or forums but still doesn't meet weapons policy standards and therefore will not be allowed. 

    If you are unsure of whether or not the weapon is banned or not please direct the attendee to weapons check to be checked.
  10. Dress Code

    WP possesses a relatively casual dress code.

    Remember WP deals with potentially dangerous items, so staffers must wear closed-toe shoes while on duty.

    For safety precautions, staffers should also avoid wearing shorts and overly baggy clothing, primarily in the sleeves.

    Any headgear that covers the face, either partially or entirely, is not allowed except for medical reasons.

    Cosplay is allowed, if follows these rules, does not hinder the job, and portrays the professionalism needed for working in WP.

    If you are unsure whether your cosplay is acceptable, either avoid wearing it or ask the assistant manager or manager in advance.
    If it were up to me then you would all be in suits and ties but Thinzar voted against that, I think she likes you guys.

    Please don't make us send you back to the hotel to change, we are staying in the same hotel you are just ask us at anytime to approve what you are planning to wear.

    Please don't make us send you back to the hotel to change your shoes, if they aren't close toed shoes, real shoes you all know what I mean ad if you don't then ask, then they aren't allowed. 

    If we have to send you back you will have to make that time up and it may affect your staff record at AX. Don't do avoidable things.
  11. Working Pre-ConThe following list describes the pre-con duties WP staff is expected to fulfill:

    • Know and understand the policy in its entirety

    • Memorize the manual for conduct and weapon policies

    • Attend and participate in the required training and/or meeting sessions

    • Fulfill 40 hours of pre-con work;

    Note: training sessions and the staff BBQ counts toward the required hours
    Thank you for being here today, you are fulfilling some or your pre con hours, were you at that awesome staff BBQ? That counts too.

    • Find it difficult to memorize the entire WP staff document? I feel your pain. 
    • Read it, Re-Read it, Be very familiar with it, print it out ad carry it with you. As long and you really have done your homework, even if you don't memorize it all you'll know exactly where to go to find what you need.
  12. Operating At Con (Day 0-4)

    The following list details the duties WP must

    • Assist in setting up or packing up the booths each day

    • Ensure there are enough peace bonds for the shift, and the necessary equipment is

    • Note: If you are scheduled for the first shift of the day, you are responsible for setting up the booth you are stationed at

    • Note: If you are scheduled for the last shift of the day, you are responsible for packing up the booths and transporting materials back to the designated WP storage space present at each booth: wire cutters, house hold scissors, measuring tape, and weighing scale

    • Assist in setting up and tearing down WP signs & easels

    • Inspect props at the booths and in the hallways around the convention

    • Observe your surroundings for people breaking policy

    • Report repeat offenders to either the assistant manager or manager for appropriate action to be taken
    The general rule is if you are on time you are late, that is utra especially true if you are opening. You need to give yourself enough time to get everything and set up, be ready to take attendees, and be calm while doing it. 

    There are very few times during which you can take your time doing things during con, if you get to work early enough that's the luxury you secure. 

    You will all be able to contact either Thinzar of myself anytime during con, 24/7. If there is ever an issue with a WP staff member we should be the first to know so we can help you handle it properly if necessary. After us then you contact who you need to, staff resources, hotel front desk, whoever.
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