uworld2 step 3

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  1. best initial test for sjogren
    anti-ssro and la
  2. what is the inheritance of turner or any identifiable predispositions
    • none
    • no inheritance
  3. mnx of CIN 1
  4. most common and life threatening complication of acute compartment syndrome
    • rhabdomyolysis
    • acute renal failure
  5. most common side effect of isotretinoin
    acute pancreatitis
  6. adnosine stress test is contraindicated in what patients
    • history of asthma
    • history of bronchospasm
  7. nelsons syndrome
    • bitemporal heminopsia
    • hyperpigmentation¬†
    • high acth
    • following b/l adrenalectomy
  8. mnx of a rabies infested bite from an animal
    • never vaccinated--ivig and vaccine
    • vaccinated before and bitten again, still give vaccine but not ivig
  9. most accurate physical exam for achilles rupture
    no plantar flexion on calf squeeze
  10. puberty correlates better with bone or chronological age
    bone age
  11. how do you induce puberty in boys and girls
    • boys--testosterone
    • girls--estrogen
  12. most common complication of varicocele
    testicular atrophy
  13. when do you do ct of abdomen for varicocele
    • right sided
    • bilateral
    • doesnt resolve with supine position
  14. most common cause of erisypelas
    group a
  15. mnx of a woman with cone biopsy
    cervical inspection for stenosis and incompetence
  16. best initial mnx of someone who you suspect with ra
    rh or anti-ccp and nsaids
  17. mnx of negative pap with missing endocervical and transformation zone in a <30 and >30
    <30 routine screening
    >30-- hpv dna testing
  18. absolute contraindications for ocp
    • vte
    • estrogen dependent tumor
    • smoking'
    • >35 and migraines
  19. choice of drug for htn in pckd
    ace inhibitors
  20. f/u with a pt with pckd
    regular blood pressure checks
  21. how you screen family for pckd
  22. most common extrarenal complication of pckd
    hepatic cysts
  23. a high incidence of colonic diverticula is seen i nwhat disease
  24. what tests are done on first visit of a pregnant woman
    what tests shoudl be performed on subsequent visits
    • cbc
    • hiv status
    • hep b antigen
    • urinanalysis and culture
    • pap smear
    • blood type and screen
    • rh testing
    • rubella
    • chlamydisa, syphillis

    urine glucose and protein
  25. what hematological abnormality is present late in prengnacy that is benign
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