phase 2 exam1

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  1. what key info goes in the orientation para?
    • current location
    • direction of north
    • key terrain
    • tcm's within the ao
    • weather
    • illum
    • visibility
    • mobility
    • local history
    • enemy pos
  2. what are the 3 components in the enemy situation
    • composition, disposition, and strength (SALUTE)
    • capailities and limitations (DRAWD)
    • EMLCOA
  3. what 3 things should be in EMLCOA?
    • enemy's mission
    • what the enemy is doing now
    • what the enemy will do on contact
  4. what are the 3 sections of friendly?
    • HAS
    • highers mission
    • adjacent units
    • supporting units
  5. what must an attached unit receive during the order?
    a task
  6. what is the most important part of the mission paragraph?
    the "why" aka purpose
  7. what are the two component of a mission statement?
    • task
    • purpose
  8. what are the 4 main sub paragraphs of the execution para?
    • commanders intent
    • concept of operations
    • tasks
    • coordinating instructions
  9. what three components are in the commanders intent?
    • purpose of operation
    • method of exploitation
    • end state desired
  10. what goes in the commanders intent purpose statement?
    the IOT part of the mission statement
  11. what goes in the commanders intent method section?
    • enemy key strength
    • enemy key weakness
    • exploitation plan
  12. what 3 things is the end state relative to?
    • enemy units
    • friendly units
    • and terrain
  13. what two things go in the concept of operations?
    • scheme of maneuver
    • fire support plan
    • (these should be anonymous, sequential, and thorough?
  14. what are the five essential elements of offensive scheme of maneuver?
    • distribution of forces
    • form of man
    • direction of at
    • tcm
    • consolidation
  15. what is the distribution of forces?
    identify the ME and the sup ef
  16. what are the different types of attacks for form of man?
    • frontal at
    • flanking at
    • envelopment
    • turning movement
    • infiltration
    • pentration
  17. what is the direction of at?
    general direction from aa to obj
  18. what goes in the concept of operations para?
    • tcm
    • consolidation
  19. what goes in coordinating instruction?
    anything that pertains to two or more subordinate units.
  20. what goes in the administration para?
    • wia
    • kia
    • epw
    • casevac
  21. what is priority during make recon?
    to get eyes on the enemy
  22. what does ocoka-w stand for?
      • ·  observation
      • cover and concealment
      • obstacles
      • key terrain
      • avenues of approach
      • weather
  23. what acronym is used to find terrain and weather?
  24. what can an at4 penetrate?
    17.7 inches of steel
  25. what are the three safeties a an at4?
    • transport safety pin
    • cocking lever
    • red safety catch
  26. what are the different color bands on an at4?
      • black with yellow band- he anti armor roud
      • gold or yellow- field handling trainer
    • no band- 9mm tracer bullet trainer
  27. what are the different warhead effects of an at4?
      • impact- the nosecone crushes; the impact sensor activates the fuse
      • ignition-
      • penetration-
      • after armor effects-
  28. what are the four engagement methods used with an at4?
      • single
      • sequence firing- shoot one and adjust
      • pair firing- two or more marine with two or more at4s
      • volley firing- shoot multiple at one time
  29. what is the casualty radius of a m67 grenade?
    15 m
  30. what are the different parts of a grenade?
    • body
    • filler
    • fuse assembly
  31. what is the name of an incendiary grenade?
    • an-m14 th3
  32. what is the name of a smoke grenade?
    • an-m8 hc
  33. what is the name of a colored smoke grenade?
  34. how high can a pyro go?
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