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    • what are three types of casts used a t layer 2
    • unicast
    • broadcast
    • multicast
  1. what is the destination MAC address of a layer 2 broadcast
  2. how many broadcast domains are there with a switch
  3. how many collision domains are there with a switch
    as many ports on the switch
  4. what does CAM stand for
    content addressable memory
  5. how does a switch learn MAC addresses
    • a process called filtering
    • sends the message to all ports and learns the MAC addresses that way
  6. what are the three types of frames that are flooded by a switch
    • broadcast
    • multicast
    • unknown unicast
  7. what are the three primary forms of switch frame transmission
    • store and forward
    • fragment free
    • cut-through
  8. which of the three forms of switch frame transmission is the fastest
  9. what is a cut-through switch frame transmission
    Switch reads the destination MAC address and then immediately begins forwarding the frame.
  10. what is a fragment free switch frame transmission
    Switch will read the first 64 bytes before forwarding the frame.
  11. what is a store and forward switch frame transmission
    Switch must receive the entire frame before forwarding takes place.
  12. what does FCS stand for
    Frame Check Sequence (FCS)
  13. what does CRC stand for
    cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
  14. what does switches use to provide their hardware based functions
    Application Specific Integrated Circuitry (ASIC)
  15. what does ASIC stand for
    Application Specific Integrated Circuitry (ASIC)
  16. what does MDI stand for
    media dependent inerface
  17. what are MDI ports often referred to as
  18. what is the difference between an MDI port and an MDI-X port
    • MDI - not labeled, cross over
    • MDI-X - labeled , straight though
  19. what type of cable would be used to interconnect two MDI-X ports
    cross over cable
  20. what type of cable would be used to interconnect two MDI ports
    cross over cable
  21. what type of cable would be used to interconnect an MDI port and an MDI-X port
    straight through cable
  22. what are the devices that use cross over cables
    • hub to switch
    • workstation to router
    • server to router
  23. what is a collision domain
    is a group of devices connected to the same physical media, such that if two devices access the media at the same time, the result is a collision of the two signals
  24. how many collision domains are there with a hub
  25. what communication mode must be used when communicating to a hub
    half duplex communication mode
  26. what is a broadcast domain
    is a group of devices that will receive one anther's broadcast traffic
  27. how many broadcasts domains are there with a hub
  28. what is a manageable hub
    provide a management console that allows the network administrator to manage and configure certain options
  29. what is a stackable hub
    can be linked together so that they operate as a single, larger hub
  30. what is the purpose of media converter
    are used to interconnect different types of cable within an existing network
  31. what is the most important consideration when selecting network media converters
    network type
  32. what does IC stand for
    integrated circuit
  33. what does PCB stand for
    printed circuit board
  34. what type of media converter allows network administrators to monitor and configure network end points, thus ensuring maximum uptime of the network
    managed media converters
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