Psychology - Week 10 - Chapter 19

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  1. culture refers to:
    shared rules that govern behaviour
  2. emic perspective focuses on:
    etic perspective focuses on:
    • special psychological aspects of a culture
    • the search for commonalities or differences across cultures
  3. multiculturalism refers to:
    situations where multiple cultures exist in a country.
  4. pluralism is:
    supporting both the coexistence of different cultural groups and their right to retain their cultural heritage.
  5. racism is:
    where people develop negative stereotypes about members of another racial roup or cultural practice
  6. prejudice is:
    having unreasonable and negative stereotypes about members of another group of people
  7. ways to promote cross-cultural interactions
    • education
    • communication
    • cultural competence.
  8. dimensions of culture cover things like:
    • attitude towards time
    • how much emotion is appropriate to display
    • how much personal space someone needs during conversation
    • nonverbal behaviours
  9. Xenophobia is:
    fear or hatred of foreigners
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