Theology 2 Exam

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  1. "one who is sent", reffered to any missionary of the church during the new testament period. twelve companions chosen by Jesus. special witnesses of Jesus on whose ministry the early Church was built and whos successors are the bishops
  2. The Christian person’s activity that fulfills the apostolic nature of the whole Church when he or she works to extend the Kingdom of Christ to the entire world. If your school shares the wisdom of its founder, its namesake, or the charism of the religious order that founded it, it is important to learn about this person or order and his or her charism, because as a graduate you will likely want to incorporate this charism into your own apostolate.
  3. The Church’s living teaching office, which consists of all bishops, in communion with the Pope
  4. hierarchy: In general, the line of _____ in the Church; more narrowly the ____ and the ____, as successors of the ____, in their authoritative roles as leaders of the Church.
    • authority
    • Pope
    • bishops
    • Apostles
  5. A prayer on behalf of another person or group
  6. A prayer form in which one asks God for help and forgiveness.
  7. A state of final purification or cleansing, which one may need to enter following death and before entering Heaven
  8. state of eternal life and union with God
  9. Along with One, Holy, and Apostolic, Catholic is one of the four marks of the Church. Catholic means “universal.” The Church is Catholic in two senses. She is Catholic because Christ is present in her and has given her the fullness of the means of salvation and also because she reaches throughout the world to all people.
  10. The movement to restore unity among all Christians.
  11. Religious painting traditional among many Eastern Christians. Christian Iconography expresses in image the same Gospel message that the Scriptures communicate by words.
  12. A screen or partition with doors and tiers of icons that separates the bema, the raised part of the church with the altar, from the nave, the main part of the church, in Eastern Churches.
  13. Speaking, Acting, or thinking about God in a way that is irreverent, mocking, or offensive
  14. The conscious and deliberate rejection of the dogma of the Church
  15. Also called the Mass of Lord's Supper, and based on a word for "thanksgiving," it is the central Christian liturgical celebration, established by Jesus at the Last Supper. In the eucharist the sacrificial death and Resurrection of Jesus are both remembered and renewed. The term sometimes refers specifically to the consecrated bread and wine that have become the Body and Blood of Christ.
    eucharist, the
  16. Refers to receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. In general, your companionship and union with Jesus and other baptized Christians in the Church. This union has its origin and high point in the celebration of the eucharist. In this sense the deepest vocation of the Church is Communion.
  17. To remain unmarried to devote oneself entirely to the service of the Church
  18. The virtue by which people are able to successfully and healthfully integrate their sexuality into their total person; recognized as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Also one of the vows of religious life.
  19. A free and conscious commitment made to others, such as the Church.
  20. The call to go beyond the minimum rules of life required by God and strive for spiritual perfection
    Evangelical Councils
  21. An official, authoritative teaching of the Church based on the Revelation of God
  22. Teachings recognized as central to church teaching, defined by the Magisterium and accorded the fullest weight and authority
  23. The gift given by the Holy Spirit to the Pope and the bishops in union with him to teach on matters of faith and morals without error.
  24. The Church's remaining uncorrupted and faithful to Christ's teachings until the end of history
  25. 4 marks of the Church
    • one
    • holy
    • catholic
    • apostolic
  26. 3 theological virtues
    • faith
    • hope
    • charity
  27. events that foreshadow the church
    God's call to the Israelites
  28. the church is what kind of communion
    Communion of Saints
  29. When did God reveal himself as the trinity for the first time
  30. what is the soul of the Church
    Holy Spirit
  31. What is the ultimate source of unity in the church?
    The trinity
  32. Jesus established the church primarily by this saving gift
  33. Who is the first matry
    St. Stephen
  34. What is the most important of the seven Sacraments
  35. The event that without there would be no faith
    Jesus' death on the cross
  36. Visible signs of unity in the Church
    • Pope
    • profession of One Faith
    • Common celebration of Divine Worship
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