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  1. Pen Register?
    Device or process which records or decodes outgoing numbers.
  2. Trap and Trace?
    Device or process which caputures incoming numbers.
  3. Foreign Intelligence Information (FII)?
    Whether or not US Person by 50 USC 1801, any foreign related sabotage, clandestine intel.
  4. Protected computer?
    Exclusive use or used for financial or govn't entity; used in interstate or foreign commerce, including outside of US.
  5. Computer Trespasser?
    Accesses protected computer AND does not have reasonable expt. of privacy. Does not include a party which has a contractual relationship.
  6. Lawful Interception of wire, oral, or electronic comms?
    Court order or LEO appointed by Governor, AG, SWP, or SA for Emergency which requires pre-order intercept AND meets standard requirements for order that should be sought within 48 hrs of beg. of intercept.
  7. Emergency Intercept?
    Immediate threat of danger or GBH to any person; danger of escapee; conspirational threat of security interests of the nation or state.
  8. Contents of wire, oral, or electronic? (i.e. recording, protection, purging).
    Recorded on tape, wire, or comparable device; protected from editing/altering; made available to the judge after expiration of order/extension; only destroyed after judge's order or 10 years.
  9. LEO Intercept or wire, oral, or electronic?
    Party has given prior consent and under the criminal investigation predicate.
  10. All Party Consent Intercept?
    Prior implied or expressed consent.
  11. Unlawful intercept?
    Criminal Intent Predicate (e.g. Blackmail).
  12. Lawful Intercept by Phone Co. Employee?
    Sole purpose of tracing origin; requested by recipient under predicate that comms is obscene, harring, or threatening; subject intercepting will notify LW within 48 hrs.
  13. Lawful Intercepts by entities with published emergency numbers?
    Ambulance service; FD station; public utility; LE Agency; 911 Center; Central Abuse Hotline.
  14. Who can authorize application for intercept of W/O/E comms?
    Governor, AG, SWP, or SA.
  15. LE Agency intercepts evidence of "terrorism acts" during unrelated intercept?
    Notify FDLE.
  16. Authorization for disclosure and use of W/O/E comm intercepts?
    Department of Legal Affairs;
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