CNH Ch.31 Home Health Care

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  1. Who is the largest single payer for home health care services?
  2. What is the Visiting Nurse association (VNA)?
    Agency founded by philanthropists that cared for poor, ill people.
  3. How did the diagnosis-related groups (DNG) affect home health care?
    Attempt to curb costs, people sent home while recovering from surgery or illness - increase need for HHC
  4. What is difference between professional home health and technical home health?
    professional - the nurse

    technical - the product (oxy tank, etc)
  5. What is home health care nursing entail?
    care to people at home while intergrating CHN principles (health promo, environmental, econimic, etc) to affect individual and family.
  6. What defines an official or public agency?
    • supported by tax dollars
    • power through statutes enacted by legislation.
  7. What are voluntary agencies? How are they funded?
    • volunteer board of directors
    • donations
    • endowments
    • thrid-party (medicare, private insurance)
  8. What are private agencies?
    Can be profit or non-profit.

    profit run by owner. Could be local or part of a chain. Aim is to make money. Then spend it on the agency or goes to shareholders (if they have)
  9. Home care services are traditionally divided into what 3 categories?
    • care of the ill (covered by medicare, -caid, private)
    • public health (teaching, care for baby, physicals for children, etc)
    • specialized home services (peds, mental, high-tech, hospice)
  10. Reimbursement for care after it's provided is?

    A) retrospective
    B) prospective
    A) retrospective
  11. The agency is reimbursed based on anticipated costs.

    A) retrospective
    B) prosepctive
    B) prospective
  12. What criteria does the medicare beneficiary have to meet in order to be covered under medicare?
    • 1. Provided services by a medicare-cert place.
    • 2. Is homebound.
    • 3. Skilled services are needed. 
    • 4. Intermittent service is needed.
    • 5. Services are deemed reasonable and necessary.
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