Vocab. Words I

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  1. abscond
    • verb
    • to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide
    • Several prisoners absconded from the jail.
  2. aberrant
    • adj: deviating from the norm
    • noun form: aberration
    • aberrant weather we've been having
  3. alacrity
    • noun: eager and enthusiastic willingness
    • She accepted the invitation with an alacrity that surprised me.
  4. anomaly
    • noun: deviation from the normal order, form, or rule; abnormality
    • adj form: anomalous
    • We couldn't explain the anomalies in the test results.
  5. approbation
    • noun: an expression of approval or praise
    • The company has even received the approbation of its former critics.
  6. arduous
    • adj: stenuous, taxing; requiring significant effort
    • an arduous journey across miles of desert
  7. assuage
    • verb: to ease or lessen; to appease or pacify
    • He couldn't assuage his guilt over the divorce.
  8. audacious
    • adj: daring and fearless; recklessly bold
    • noun form: audacity
    • They have audacious plans for the new school.
  9. austere
    • adj: without adornment; bare; severely simple; ascetic
    • noun form: austerity
    • They choose austere furnishings for the office.
  10. axiomatic
    • adj: taken as a given; possessing self-evident truth
    • noun form: axiom
    • it's axiomatic that the instinct for self-preservation is universal throughout the animal kingdom
  11. canonical
    • adj: following or in agreement with accepted, traditional standards
    • noun form: canon
    • What's been going on in the stock market hardly fits canonical notions of rationality.
  12. capricious
    • adj: inclined to change one's mind impulsively; erratic, unpredictable
    • employees who are at the mercy of a capricious manager
  13. censure
    • verb: to criticize severely; to officially rebuke
    • The country faces international censure for its alleged involvement in the assassination.
  14. chicanery
    • noun: trickery or subterfuge
    • He wasn't above using chicanery to win votes.
  15. connoisseur
    • noun: an informed and astute judge in matters of taste; expert
    • She is a connoisseur of African art.
  16. insensible
    • adj.numb; unconscious:
    • "Wayne was rendered insensible by a blow to the head."
    • unfeeling; insensitive:
    • "They were insensibile to the suffering of others.:
  17. insipid
    • adj.lacking zest or excitement; dull
    • A cup of bland soup from a cafeteria is an example of insipid.
    • The soup was rather insipid.
  18. insular
    • adj.of or pertaining to an island, thus, excessively exclusive:
    • "Newcomers found it difficult to make friends in the insular community."
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