Vocab. Words III

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  1. ingenuous
    • adj: artless; frank and candid; lacking in sophistication
    • The little boy’s ingenuous habit of constantly telling the truth made him unpopular at school.
  2. inured
    • adj: accustomed to accepting something undesirable
    • Does violence on television inure children to violence in real life?
  3. irascible
    • adj: easily angered; prone to temperamental outbursts
    • an irascible old football coach
  4. laud
    • verb: to praise highly
    • adj form: laudatory
    • an actor who in his lifetime received all the laud and honor that the theater world could bestow
  5. lucid
    • adj: clear; easily understood
    • He is able to recognize his wife in his lucid moments.
  6. magnanimity
    • noun: the quality of being generously noble in mind and heart, esp. in forgiving
    • adj form: magnanimous
    • His enemies he treated with the greatest magnanimity; no bloody executions followed the victory of the Milvian Bridge.
  7. martial
    • adj: associated with war and the armed forces
    • one of the basic tenets of martial law
  8. mundane
    • adj: of the world; typical of or concerned with the ordinary
    • mundane chores, like washing dishes
  9. nascent
    • adj: coming into being; in early developmental stages
    • The actress is now focusing on her nascent singing career.
  10. nebulous
    • adj: vague; cloudy; lacking clearly defined form
    • These philosophical concepts can be nebulous.
  11. neologism
    • noun: a new word, expression, or usage; the creation or use of new words or senses
    • He also joined words together to create neologisms
  12. noxious
    • adj: harmful, injurious
    • mixing bleach and ammonia can cause noxious fumes that can seriously harm you
  13. obtuse
    • adj: lacking sharpness of intellect; not clear or precise in thought or expression
    • He is too obtuse to take a hint.
  14. obviate
    • verb: to anticipate and make unnecessary
    • The new medical treatment obviates the need for surgery.
  15. onerous
    • adj: troubling; burdensome
    • The government imposed onerous taxes on imports.
  16. latent
    • adj.present or potential but not evident or active (n: latency)
    • An example of latent are fingerprints which cannot be seen.
    • he has a latent talent for acting that he hasn't had a chance to express yet
  17. laudable
    • adj.praiseworthy; commendable (v. laud)
    • An example of laudable is a person who donates to charity and wants to save the world.
    • you showed laudable restraint in dealing with that ridiculously demanding customer
  18. leviathan
    • n.giant whale, therefore, something very large
    • An example of a leviathan is a large aircraft carrier.
    • The factory is a towering leviathan in the middle of the town.
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