Vocab. Words IV

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  1. paean
    • noun: a song or hymn of praise and thanksgiving
    • his retirement party featured many paeans for his long years of service to the company
  2. parody
    • noun: a humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect, esp. in literature and art
    • He has a talent for writing parodies.
  3. perennial
    • adj: recurrent through the year or many years; happening repeatedly
    • Flooding is a perennial problem for people living by the river.
  4. perfidy
    • noun: intentional breach of faith; treachery
    • adj form: perfidious
    • They are guilty of perfidy.
  5. perfunctory
    • adj: cursory; done without care or interest
    • the violinist delivered a perfunctory performance that displayed none of the passion and warmth he was once known for
  6. perspicacious
    • adj: acutely perceptive; having keen discernment
    • noun form: perspicacity
    • The perspicacious salesman earned a great living because he knew how to read his customers.
  7. prattle
    • verb: to babble meaninglessly; to talk in an empty and idle manner
    • They prattled on into the night, discussing school, music, and friends.
  8. precipitate
    • adj: acting with excessive haste or impulse
    • verb: to cause to happen before anticipated or required
    • The budget problem was precipitated by many unexpected costs.
  9. predilection
    • noun: a disposition in favor of something; preference
    • a young lad with a predilection for telling tall tales
  10. prescience
    • noun: foreknowledge of events; knowing of events prior to their occurring
    • adj form: prescient
    • He predicted their response with amazing prescience.
  11. prevaricate
    • verb: to deliberately avoid the truth; to mislead
    • Government officials prevaricated about the real costs of the project.
  12. qualms
    • noun: misgivings; reservations; causes for hesitancy
    • she has no qualms about downloading pirated music files from the Internet
  13. recant
    • verb: to retract, esp. a previously held belief
    • Witnesses threatened to recant their testimony when the court released their names to the paper.
  14. refute
    • verb: to disprove; to successfully argue against
    • The lawyer refuted the testimony of the witness.
  15. relegate
    • verb: to forcibly assign, esp. to a lower place or position
    • courtiers and generals who incurred the emperor's disfavor were soon relegated to the farther reaches of the empire
  16. loquacious
    • adj.talkative
    • An example of loquacious is someone who calls and talks for three minutes straight without pausing.
    • the loquacious host of a radio talk show
  17. lucid
    • adj.clear; translucent:
    • "He made a lucid argument to support his theory."
  18. lugubrious
    • adj.weighty, mournful, or gloomy, especially to an excessive degree:
    • "Jake's lugubrious monologues depressed his friends."
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