USMLE3 step 3

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  1. women who have sex with women are at an increased risk for what
    bacterial vaginosis
  2. first line rx for ocd
    • exposure and habituation
    • 2nd line ssri
  3. rx for ards
    • low tidal volume 8ml/kg
    • high peep at least 5 cm
    • fio2<60
    • plateua pressure <30
    • tolerate high co but keep pH above 7.20
  4. goal for pao2 and sao2 in ards
    • 55-80 pao2
    • 88-95 sao2
  5. who gets treated for asymptomatic bacteruria
    • pregnant
    • urologic procedures
    • hip arthroplasty
  6. rx for twin pregnancy when one of the twins was delivered and the labor has halted for the second
    give oxytocin
  7. patient with hypothyroid and needs cabg, next step
    proceed with surgery
  8. initial rx for toxic megacolon
    • steroids if not perforated
    • then surgery if refractory or perforated
  9. what is a dubhoff tube
    feeding tube
  10. rx for acute bronchitis due to copd
    start abx
  11. rx for photoaging of skin i.e actinic keratosis, brown spots, fine wrinkles
  12. most common complication of cone biopsy
  13. 1st and 2nd line rx for scc
    • 1st line--surgery
    • 2nd line-- radiation therapy
  14. most typical laboratory finding of alcoholic liver disease
    ast/alt of 2.5
  15. what is a test taht compares teh results in populations with diff prevalence
    likelihood ratios
  16. performing a gold standard test on women with a positive initial test and a negative initial test reduces what bias
    verification bias
  17. how do you monitor of as
    xray every 3 months
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