C1/3 Review

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  1. Micsoda véletlen!
    What are the chances?

    • It's raining today? What are the chances? It hasn't rained in forever.
    • Our team won?! What are the chances? The other team was much better.
  2. ennél jobban nem is érthetnék egyet veled
    I couldn't agree with you more

    You don't like tomatoes? I couldn't agree with you more. I hate them too.

    She Is rude! I couldn't agree with you more!
  3. mi lett volna ha?
    what if?

    What if I had studied harder? I presume I would have done better on the exam.

    What if I were taller? Maybe I would be good at basketball.
  4. fogadok rá, hogy 
    van rá két centem
    My two cents

    • If I can give my two cents I don't think we should attend the party.
    • It was an amazing experience. That's my two cents.
  5. nem nagy ügy
    That's not always the case

    • Republicans take Colorado during the general election? That's not always the case.
    • I know I was late, but not always the case.
  6. ha nem tévedek
    If I'am not mistaken

    • No, the football game is being played here this week if I'am not mistaken.
    • If I'am not mistaken, someone already said that.
  7. egész napra elég vmi...
    Biztos dolog
    ...as the day is long

    • My brother is as honest as the day is long. He never lies.
    • I am as happy as the day is long! What great news.
  8. elhagyja a béketűrése
    dühbe gurul
    I'm off the hook

    • John is picking her up at the airport. I'm off the hook!
    • They cancelled the meeting in Friday, so I'm off the hook.
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